A capsule filling machine is uses to make capsules for a variety of medicinal and cosmetic uses. Depending on the requirements, capsule filling machine can be manual, semi automatic or automatic. The rate of filling the capsules with powdered substance varies depending on whether the procedure is manual, semi-automated, or automatic. For bulk applications, the automatic operation delivers the highest production output and preferred for large production requirements.

Types of Capsule Filling Machine

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

The manual capsule filling machine is ideal for small to medium-sized batches. This capsule filling machine is commonly used in industries such as pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic, herbal, and dietary supplement manufacturing. It’s a manual machine that can fill and close hard gelatin capsules with powder, pellets and granules. At a pace of 300 capsules each cycle, this capsule line machine can open, fill, and close capsules.

The manual capsule filling machine has the benefit of being able to handle a large number of capsules. As a result, its adaptability gives it an advantage over other industrial machinery. To reduce time and labour, the manual capsule filling machine comes with a capsule loader option. It helps to achieve a better output rate while also improving precision. The capsule loader is an appropriate solution for medium and large-scale pharmaceutical applications since it automatically puts the empty capsule into the loading plate of a manually controlled capsule filling machine.

By combination of these two machines (capsule filling machine with capsule loader) one can achieve production rate near to the entry range semi automatic capsule filling machine. There are two variants of this machine available in which 100 holes capsule filling machine and 300 holes capsule filling machine which can fill 100 and 300 capsules respectively in each cycle.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The semi automatic capsule filling machine has created specifically for modern pharmaceutical operations and precision manufacturing needs. This machine, in addition to having a higher degree of automation, provides a higher level of filling weight accuracy. The semi automatic capsule filling machine can fill powder, granules, or pellets into capsules of any size. The capsules are initially loaded into the hopper in this machine from where it has delivered to loading ring through magazine.

On the other hand, powders are placed into a separate hopper. Two loading rings provided with the machine so that loading, powder filling and closing all operations can be done simultaneously to achieve maximum production output. There is option of single loader capsule filling machine and double loader capsule filling machine in semi automatic capsule filling machines. Standard capsule filling machine having 480 holes in a capsule ring whereas jumbo capsule filling machine is having 600 holes in a capsule ring.

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

An automatic capsule filling machine is a high production capsule filling machine that can fill up to 150000 capsules per hour with various powder formulations. It is well-known for its exact filling of powder, pellets, and granules into a wide range of hard gelatin capsules. The machine is equipped with tamping pin technology, which aids in the production of slugs, which are then placed into the hard gelatin capsule for increased precision. A programmable logic controller with HMI used to control the automatic capsule filling process.

Auto capsule filling machine available in models ranging from 25000 per hour, 40000 per hour to 90000 hour and maximum 150000 per hour models. All the variants complies as latest GMP requirements. We have option of providing 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in our automation package as per individual requirements. Optionally CE certificate add edge to Adinath’s Capsule Filling Machine portfolio.

Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Counting Machine

The automatic capsule counting and filling machine is another machine in high demand by pharmaceutical organizations. Plastic and glass bottles are the most common types of bottles that this machine can handle. It is primarily utilized in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, herbal, and ayurvedic industries for small-scale capsule counting. We have two variants in this machine in which one is disc type capsule counting machine and another is electronic capsule counting machine. Below is the details of both the types of capsule counting machines.

Capsule Counting Machine

Disc Type Capsule Counting Machine

Disc type counting machine is having holes in the disc of counts required. Capsules feed in bulk onto rotating disc, during rotation holes gather capsules. There are exactly same number of holes done in disc equal to number of capsules required to be filled into bottles. In rotary movement holes pick up filled capsules and then deliver it to capsule discharge platform. At bottle holding platform pre determined number of capsules will be filled into bottle. After filling each bottle operator will place another bottle for next process cycle.

Electronic Capsule Counting Machine

Electronic capsule counting machine is also called plc based capsule counting machine as the operation of machine controlled through PLC. Programmble Logic Control is need of the hour for challenging pharmaceutical environment and using it decently capsule counting become relaxed for pharmaceutical productions. This digital capsule counting machine having capsule hopper, disc, vibrator and bottle holding platform. Capsules loaded onto hopper in bulk from where it delivers to the disc through vibrator. Vibration can be adjusted through variable frequency port provided onto machine.

After rotating onto disc capsules pass through guide rail which deliver them to delivery chute while passing from sensor.  Delivery chute is having two discharge position covered with a flap which move left & right to place capsules into two different bottles. When flap is at right side then it deliver capsules onto left side of bottles and when flap is on left side then it delivers capsules onto right side of bottles. Sensor count capsules and after reaching required number of capsules it give instruction to flap to work. Through this mechanism pre determined number of capsules filled in each bottle.

Number of count can be adjusted easily onto HMI screen of the machine. Interestingly no change parts required to operate this machine while switching from one capsule size to another capsule size. Adjustable bottle stand provided to handle different shape & size of bottles. This machine treated as beast in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal, food & cosmetic industry for its proven performance.

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