Are you familiar with granulation? It is the method that enables the splitting of huge granules into smaller ones. But does this procedure include any additional devices or does it take place manually? In response to your inquiry, we at Adinath International can confirm that we produce Rapid Mixer Granulator , also known as High Shear Granulators, in a range of capacities and sizes. We are among the top producers of granulation machinery. We produce Rapid Mixer Granulators in a variety of sizes, including lab, pilot, and commercial models.

We have a design and fabrication team on staff that work on granulator machines for medicines. This guarantees thorough quality control and guarantees that deadlines will be met.

Contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist you in setting up the whole proforma. Adinath International does truly get you the finest.

Unique Features of the Granulator Machine

What makes the granulator machine so unique and what sets us apart from the competition? It is just this that we will discuss so that you may comprehend before making an investment in such a useful gadget.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Produces Fine and Uniform Granules

Making sure you have the best granules available is the first thing you should consider as a pharmaceutical-based business. We have a Machines installed in our granulation machine that enables you to create the most palatable and uniform granules without sacrificing consistency. We are aware that many companies consider this to be one of the most important factors, and frequently they are let down by the granules’ malformation.

Additionally, pharmaceutical-based businesses may have requirements for consistent granule production since the granules are much simpler to eat. Therefore, in these circumstances, inconsistent granules run the risk of increasing consumers’ pain, which is something that should be avoided at all costs.

  • Helps You Save A Lot of Time

Making the best use of your time and increasing your productivity as much as you can before beginning production is crucial. However, increasing productivity will only be possible if the machine you are using is time-efficient. As a result, we created the most complete granulator machine possible, enabling you to generate a sizeable amount in a single pass and save time.

This will increase the effectiveness of your brand because you can make a large quantity of granules all at once and save a tonne of time. Efficiency will also enable you to establish a reputation for yourself in the industry by continually establishing good trustworthiness.

  • Minimum Manual Input

Finally, it is crucial to ensure that you can manage other resources as a sector. This refers to the manual input you must provide and designate for better reference, to put it simply. The machine we created invites no operator input, and even if it were needed, it would be minimal.

It not only enables you to transfer resources elsewhere, but it also guarantees that you can keep up with hygiene-related issues.


We at Adinath International are the industry leaders when it comes to high shear granulator manufacturers in India. For us, it’s crucial to give the client’s requests significant consideration because doing so will help us reach a wider audience.

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