The packaging machines make sure that the raw ingredients are transformed into a finished product, which includes washing, labeling, sealing, filling, and other processes, for industries like veterinary, pharmaceutical, biotech, food, cosmetic, and beverage. High accuracy is maintained throughout the operations, leaving very little room for error.

The packaging equipment consists of:

  • Capsule Section:

There are several machines in the capsule section, including Capsule Line Machines, Automatic/Manual/High-Speed/Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machines, Semi-Automatic Capsule Counting Machines, Automatic Capsule Loaders, Automatic Capsule Counting & Filling/Polishing/Printing Machines and Capsule Filling Machine Change Parts.

A very efficient device, the automatic capsule filling machine can fill up to 150000 capsules per hour. It can accurately fill the whole spectrum of hard gelatin capsule sizes from 00 to 4 with powder, pellets, and granules used alone or in any combination. After each cycle, the machine contains a vacuum cleaning station that makes sure the cleanliness is maintained.

Depending on the size of the capsule and the operator’s skill, a semi-automatic capsule filling machine can produce anywhere between 25000 and 47000 capsules every hour. The manual capsule filling machine, on the other hand, is utilized for small to medium batch sizes of production needs in the Ayurvedic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal, and dietary supplement industries as well as in pharmacies. For clinical research institutions and specialized laboratories looking for a cost-effective capsule filler for limited runs, the machine produces 8000 capsules per hour.

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Glass and plastic bottles can both be used with the automatic capsule counting and filling machine. It is widely used for counting capsules in small-scale manufacture. The machine has a 60 to 150 bottle per minute output capacity.

  • Tablet Section:

The tablet division includes a wide range of equipment used in a variety of sectors for tablet production and inspection.

The entry-level tablet press machine, the single side rotary tablet press, is used for small manufacturing batches. It has numerous uses in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in other sectors including food, chemicals, naphthalene, confectionary, etc. The double cone blender is a highly adaptable device that evenly blends dry powders and granules. Since the machine’s contact parts are all comprised of stainless steel, its construction is stronger and more durable.

  • Sterilization Equipments:

In order to guarantee that each component is pure, sterilization equipment is crucial for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications. Some of the equipment includes a horizontal rectangular steam sterilizer, autoclaves, a sterilizing and depyrogenation tunnel, a bung washer, and a sterilizer with dry heat.

For steam sterilizing surgical instruments, fabrics, clothing, rubber goods, metal, plastic, and glassware used in hospitals, especially CSSD operating rooms, a horizontal rectangular steam sterilizer is preferred. One of the older but still used sterilizing methods in the healthcare and life sciences sectors is the autoclave. Porous materials as cotton gauge, clothing, fabrics, etc. are utilized with it. The autoclave is additionally used for closures, vessels, machines, medical equipment, spare parts, empty glassware, utensils, and other items.

  • Chemical Machinery:

Sigma mixers are a kind of chemical equipment used to evenly mix and knead excessively viscous compounds. It consists of two Z-shaped shafts that rotate at various speeds and in the opposite direction. They are utilized to create a variety of chemical, dyes and pigments, paint, polymers, putties, polyester compounds, plastic, pharmaceutical, stiff pastes, printing ink, adhesives, etc. components that have a high viscosity. The blades are equipped with powerful gears and made to thoroughly mix highly viscous ingredients.

  • Other Packaging Machines:

The packing conveyor, automatic eye drop filling and capping machine, turn table, and online visual bottle vial inspection table are all included in the section of other packaging machines.

The automatic eye drop filling and capping equipment serves multiple purposes and can both fill and cap eye drops. It incorporates a pneumatic method for inserting the inner cap and needs little time for changeover.

When evaluating liquid bottles and vials, an online visual bottle vial inspection table is a crucial piece of equipment. It is widely used in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and veterinary industries.


Packaging machines are a crucial piece of machinery with several uses in various industries. The automatic, semi-automatic, and manual capsule filling machines are used to precisely fill the capsules. The raw components are compressed using a single rotary tablet press to produce tablets on a modest scale. Pharmaceutical components are sterilized to remove any impurities using sterilization equipment, such as a horizontal rectangular steam sterilizer. Using a sigma mixer, very viscous ingredients are mixed and kneaded to create them.

The Bottom Line:

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility used by Adinath International to create premium grade machinery is its greatest asset. We adhere to strict production procedures to guarantee the quality of each component. Our staff works incredibly hard to continually develop new approaches to improve the machine’s usability.