• Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


ASCF Series Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is ideal for applications requiring precision manufacturing methods for modern pharmaceutical operations. When compared to a manual capsule filling machine, the Semi auto capsule filling machine offers a higher level of automation, ensuring greater filling weight accuracy. This capsule filling machine is suitable for filling powders, granules, or pellets into capsules of various sizes. The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is made in accordance with GMP standards and has an all-Stainless-Steel exterior. The machine can produce high volumes, ranging from 25000 to 45000 capsules per hour, depending on the capsule size and the operator’s skill set. It performs on-line polishing and sorting operations which eliminate operator’s requirements for polishing purpose, and also eliminate requirement for storage for filled capsules. The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is equipped with a four-speed auger set that allows it to fill a variety of powder and pellets. The machine’s filling table has a variable speed that helps to achieve high dosage accuracy. To ensure faster, safer closure and ejection of filled capsules, the semi automatic capsule filler integrates an automatic capsule loading mechanism. It also incorporates an automatic medicine hopper in-feed mechanism that promotes maximum output by eliminating weight variations.

The semi-automatic capsule line has an automatic capsule transporting system that carries fully filled capsules from the semi-automatic capsule filling machine to the capsule polishing machine or wherever they need to go. With the help of a pump that sucks and moves the filled capsules, the procedure is totally automated and requires no human intervention. For cleaning the capsules, an automatic polishing equipment is used. The operation is carried out with a rotating brush. A rotating spiral brush in the polishing chamber removes powder particles from the surface of the capsules after they have been fed. This chamber is also connected to the vacuum chamber, which is used to clean the chamber by sucking out the de-dusted powder. An empty capsule ejector is also included in the semi-automated capsule filling line. It determines if the capsules are full and ejects any that are empty due to a machine malfunction. The air force acting on the capsules causes the capsules to eject. The damage capsule sorter separates the diametrically rejected capsules from the rest of the batch, allowing only the perfect-sized capsules to pass. It is part of a semi-automatic capsule filling line machine and ensures that only appropriately proportioned and sized capsules are produced.

The semi-automatic capsule filler’s complete setup is very straightforward. The capsules are initially transferred to the hopper, which ranges in size from #00 to #5. The powders are then transported to a separate stirrer-driven hopper, ensuring a consistent fill in each capsule. In this operation, a vacuum sucker is also used to sort the capsules separately and then fill them into the loading rings. After that, the operator uses vacuum to split the capsules in half.

Following the separation of the capsules, loading ring pushed apart to release only the bottom section. This bottom section stationed in the filling part of the machine together with loading rings. After which the operator begins the filling operation. As they move across the capsules, the capsules spin beneath the filler. Powder evenly pressed down into the capsules using an agitator. As a result, each capsule is filled with same powder weight. Later, at the capsule filling machine’s sealing phase, the loading rings are reassembled as they were before. Once these rings are aligned, the operator closes the guards. After the guard has been closed and the capsules have been withdrawn from the loading ring, air pressure is utilized to seal the capsules.

A capsule polishing machine with rotating brush bristles and a dust extractor unit is located on the capsule filling line. To obtain capsules of exceptional quality, any dust particles are eliminated with the use of vacuum.

Semi automatic capsule filling machine video at top right corner of this page shows detailed working process of machine.

Salient Features of Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • The semi automatic capsule filling machine can produce up to 45,000 capsules per hour.

  • Capsule polishing and sorting are done in the machine online.

  • There is no requirement for an operator for capsule polishing and sorting process.

  • Once loaded, empty capsules are automatically separated, eliminating the need for manual rotation.

  • It is a power-saving device because the operation consumes no additional energy.

  • The machine does not require the storage of full capsules in order to polish them.

  • When the loading ring completes one full rotation, the Loader automatically disengages.

  • A PLC-controlled digital displays the actions of the semi-automated capsule filling machine.

  • This filling machine’s auger has a four-speed range, allowing it to fill a variety of powders and pellets.

  • The medication hopper has been redesigned to save time when dismantling and unloading the powders.

  • The presence of an Auto-drug hopper in-feed system necessitates an increase in productivity because weight variation is greatly reduced.

  • As soon as the loading rings are full, the machine’s loader declutches automatically. This reduces the requirement for the worker’s full concentration in order to achieve the goal of maximum productivity.

  • The machine achieves dosage precision because the table has an infinitely variable filling speed.

  • Any weight variation is regulated by an automatically controlled medication hopper in-feed system. It also manages the operator’s workload in order to increase output yield.

  • The machine can handle a variety of powders, ranging from hygroscopic to free-flowing, thanks to the augur’s capacity to operate at four speeds.

  • The Automatic Capsule Closing System allows for a faster and safer capsule closing and ejection process.

  • Solid-state control circuitry in the Automation of Loading Station ensures that the loading table stops running when a cycle of 60 strokes is completed. This eliminates the need for a worker to keep an eye on the current operation.

  • The semi-automatic capsule filling machine has a ground-breaking automatic filling station that eliminates the need for a worker to monitor the operation on a frequent basis.

  • The drug hopper includes a motorised swing-in and swing-back motion that reduces operator fatigue.

  • The pneumatic closing station uses an electronic sensor to operate the pneumatic cylinder, simplifying the closing procedure.

  • The filling machine ensures that the capsules are closed vertically after they have been filled, preventing powder spillage and thereby lowering the overall rejection rate. This approach is advantageous for filling pellets and is obtained by allowing for two auger speeds and nine variable filling table speeds.

  • Modular style hopper makes dismantling and cleaning easier. It reduces the time it takes to switch between batches.

  • The filled capsule production capacity increases significantly with the use of a ring loading station. It also enables the present SA-9 to be upgraded in order to increase production rates.

  • A wide De-dusting screen is located in the ejection chute, which facilitates in powder separation from the previously filled capsules.

Process Operation of Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Empty capsules of suitable size are loaded in capsule hopper. Powder then loaded into a separate hopper. This is a corkscrew driven hopper, which allows a constant fill throughout each capsule. The operator then uses the vacuum sucker to individually sort out and fill the capsules into the loading rings. Loading Rings can be made from 00 to 5 sizes as per requirements. The operator then uses the vacuum to separate the capsules.

Once the capsules are separated, the loading rings are pulled apart to release just the bottom section. This bottom section is then placed into the filling part of the machine. Once the loading rings has been placed into this section of the machine, the operator can switch on the filling. This causes the filler to slide across onto the capsules, and the capsules to rotate beneath it. The corkscrew then evenly forces the powder down into the capsules. This ensures that each capsule is of the same size and weight. The two loading rings are then placed back together and placed into the sealing section of the capsule filling machine. Once they are aligned, the operator closes the guard and uses air pressure to seal the capsules. The capsules are then released from the loading ring.

Once the capsules have been produced, there is also a capsule polishing option for this machine. The capsule polishing has a set of corkscrew brush bristles inside and uses a dust extractor unit connect with this capsule polishing machine. This dust extractor system de-dust the capsules by the vacuum, to leave them with a high-quality and professional finish.

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Working Process

  • Fill the hopper with empty capsules.
  • On the loader, attach the loading ring.
  • To load capsules into the loading ring, pull the lever.
  • Remove the loading ring and manually separate the upper and lower sections (to separate capsule body and caps)
  • Fill the hopper with powder by placing the lower section of the loading ring on the machine for filling.
  • To fill powder in capsule bodies, press the powder filling button.
  • Send the upper and bottom parts of the loading ring to be sealed together.
  • The capsules will be sealed in the loading ring, which will be turned upside down for ejection.
  • Filled capsules will get collected automatically onto SS bin placed below discharge station.

Benefits of Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • Easy to operate.
  • Simple to Maintain.
  • High Filling Accuracy with Low Power Consumption.
  • Closing and ejection are completed quickly and safely.
  • Upgrades available.

Technical Specification of Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Model ASCF – 25 ASCF – 35
Production Output Up to 25,000 capsules/hour Up to 35,000 capsules/hour
Capsule Size 00/0/1/2/3/4/5 with suitable parts 00/0/1/2/3/4/5 with suitable parts
M.O.C. of Loading Ring Magnesium Alloy Magnesium Alloy
M.O. C. of Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel 316
Number of Ring Single Single
Number of Holes Size 00: 360 Size 00: 540
Size 0: 480 Size 0: 600
Size 1, 2: 540

Size 3, 4 & 5: 600

Size 1, 2: 720

Size 3, 4 & 5: 840

Power Supply 5 H. P. 5 H. P.
Power Voltage 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz
Compressed Air 8 CFM at 100 PSI 8 CFM at 100 PSI
Machine Dimensions approx. 1600mm 1950mm
Length 1300mm 1200mm
Width 1600mm 1800mm
Net Weight in Kgs. 950 Kgs. approx. 1100 Kgs. approx.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.

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