A cleanroom is a facility that is typically used in specialist industrial production or any type of scientific study, including the creation of Cleanroom Equipments. In order to keep numerous contaminated particles including dust, airborne organisms, and vapourized organisms out, cleanrooms are managed and maintained. We know how to provide you with the best cleanroom equipment since Adinath International is one of the top producers of pharmaceutical equipment in India. We produce more than 10 different types of cleanroom equipment. Adinath International manufactures and is a top supplier of everything from pass box cleanroom equipment to dusting tunnels, from air showers to safety cabinets and storage units.

As one of the top producers of cleanroom equipment, we are aware that even a small amount of contamination may significantly disrupt the manufacturing process and jeopardise the safety of your customers. This is the precise reason why it is crucial to regularly maintain the cleanroom and remove dirt from it in addition to performing certain activities inside of one. To keep it working, it is crucial to provide it ongoing maintenance and adjustment.

Cleanroom Equipments

  • Use a mop that is suggested by ISO and is soaked in deionized water and a cleaning solution to mop the damp flooring.
  • If necessary, update the sticky maps from time to time.
  • Use the ISO-recommended mop to scrub the walls once more while it is submerged in the cleaning solution.
  • Wipe down the chairs, tables, and other surfaces using the wipes and cleaning agent recommended by ISO.
  • Use the ISO-recommended wipes and a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the pass-through chambers and other areas of the clean room.
  • After cleaning, remove and discard all of the rubbish, filthy clothing, and PPE kits.

While crossing off each duty, it’s important to keep in mind that your clean space should be divided into numerous categories, including the ceiling, walls, surfaces, floors, and furniture (if any). This will make it easier for you to clean the room in a certain order, starting with the high points like the ceilings, moving down to the walls, furniture, and flooring. By using a thorough cleaning method, you are cleaning anything that is ever transported, eliminating any opportunity or risk of spreading toxins from one location to another.

These are the three best ways to clean any clean room equipment, and as the top producers of clean room equipment, we can attest to the effectiveness of these cleaning methods and maintenance advice.

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