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Manual capsule filling machine is quite perfect for those looking for an economical capsule filling machine for small to medium sized batches. This machine finds its application in numerous industries including pharmaceutical, herbal, dietary supplement manufacturing, and herbal products manufacturing.

Hand operated capsule filling machine is used to fill and close hard gelatin capsule that contain powders and granules. This machine is also called 300 holes capsule filling machine as it has a bed of 300 holes along with a tray of the same count and a powder tray. The machine also includes a pin plate, pressing plate with rubber cap, and a lever. The machine offers hassle-free operations and a huge number of capsules can be filled every hour depending upon the machine size and model type. It is also capable of handling capsules of various sizes ranging from 00 to 5. All contact parts of 300 holes capsule filling machine are made of SS 304 and the non-contact parts are fabricated using mild steel and hard chrome plate which also adds to its aesthetics. Complete SS 304 or 316 machines can also offers on demand.

Features of Manual Capsule Filling Machine

  • Small and easy to use.
  • Three different versions suitable as per individual needs.
  • Stainless Steel 304 and 316 materials constructions as per choice.
  • Globally uses design hence easy to get service & maintenance.
  • Special purpose Powder tray for spillage free filling of powder.
  • Interchangeability to different capsule sizes through parts & machines.
  • Suitability to hard gelatin capsules, vegetarian and HPMC capsules.
  • Multiple press option for filling different bulk density powders.
  • Option of Automatic Capsule Loader as well as Manual Capsule Loader for loading capsules onto tray.
  • Optional Tablet Filling Attachment for filling tablets in capsules.
  • IQ/OQ documentation can be provided on demand.
  • Special machines for Size 0EL, 00EL and 000 can be offered.

Working Principle of Capsule Filling Machine

Translucent and colorless capsules are positioned in the capsule filling tray. Loading tray now loaded onto machine and capsule body get locked by the lever. Now press the handle and loading tray will be up with capsule caps. Put this loading tray on side. Capsule caps are separated from their bodies. Now adjust the lever, so capsule body get down on its original position. Now fill the powder by  placing powder tray. Now the bodies are filled with pharmaceutical ingredients. Now again put loading tray with caps to the machine. Now lock the capsules through locking lever. Caps and bodies are rearranged post which expulsion of filled capsule takes place.

You can easily achieve filling of up to 6000 per hour and the machine can be easily washed according to the GMP norms. For more information related to our hand operated capsule filling machine, feel free to touch base with our sales team.

Below is the step by step guide of manual capsule filling machine:

  • Place empty capsules onto the loading tray and place tray onto the machine. Check the front knob it should be turned to the right.
  • Pull locking lever forward. Push down long handle which will lifts the caps off all the bodies. Set aside the tray containing all the caps.
  • Push locking lever back, by which capsule bodies will drop down and become level with filling surface.
  • Place powder tray on filler: keeps powder from spilling.
  • Pour & spread the pre-measured powder. Move extra powder onto powder tray’s shelf. Lower tamper and lock.
  • Turn handle to compress powder: this allows you to fill more powder in each capsule.
  • Raise tamper & spread extra powder from shelf into capsules: ensures uniform fill weights.
  • Return the tray containing caps to filler. Turn front knob to the left and lower locking plate. Engage lock for locking plate.
  • Hold tamper handle and push down on long handle. Bodies are pushed up into caps: all the capsules are now locked in one step.
  • Disengage lock for locking plate. Lift locking plate and turn front knob to the right.
  • Push down long handle and remove tray of completed capsules.
  • Capsules are filled now. You can turn tray and all the capsules will get out from the tray.

Technical Specification of Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Model CFM 300
Production Output Up to 6000 Capsules/hour
Capsule Combinations Size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
(through different machines & parts)
Sequence of holes 25 x 12 = 300
No. of Loading Trays Three nos.
Overall Dimension 405mm X 300mm X 455mm approx.
Net Weight 43 Kgs. approx.
Gross Weight 50 Kgs. approx.
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