Introduction to Pharmaceutical Ampoule, Its Filling and Sealing

An ampoule is a small bottle made of glass which is used to fill liquid drugs which are mainly used for injections in medical facilities. Ampoule is considered safe for filling these drugs because they are essentially safe owing to their non-reactive nature with liquid drugs. Owing to these properties, the content remains devoid of any impurities and hence safe for human use. Glass ampoules are also considered ideal for a wide array of cosmetic and other pharmaceutical products.

Drugs are contained in glass ampoules in both liquid and solid forms. These drugs remain protected from environmental contaminants and microorganisms.

Ampoules are incomplete without the mention of ampoule filling and sealing machines. Let’s take a look at what ampoule filling and sealing machines are and their advantages.

Introduction to Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine

Automatic Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machines

As the name suggests, a pharmaceutical ampoule filling and sealing machine is designed for filling drugs into glass ampoules. They are designed to function seamlessly for superlative productivity with necessary safety measures. Let’s take a quick look at some of the many advantages of ampoule filling and sealing machines.

Advantages of Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine

  1. High production capacity

There is an exponentially increasing demand for ampoules across the globe. By leveraging these machines, you can meet high ampoule filling demands in a very short span of time without compromising on safety and international standards. For example- automatic eight head ampoule filling and sealing machine is capable of producing and filling up to 12000 ampoules/hour.

  1. Accuracy of contents

The pharmaceutical industry demands the optimum level of accuracy. In order to make sure there is no wastage and overdose/underdose of drugs, accuracy becomes the prime concern. This applies to both solid, liquid and powder drugs. These automatic machines make sure that there is no wastage of drugs and only intended amounts of drugs are filled in the ampoules.

  1. Easy to operate

Using an ampoule filling and sealing machine is no rocket-science. These machines are pretty straight-forward and easy to use. All you have to do is- load the ampoules, set the right parameters and let the machine do the job for you. The best advantage of using these machines for ampoule filling and sealing is that they are capable of detecting any potential errors on its own. Also, it won’t be difficult to train your staff about the operational procedures of these machines. You will get a detailed documentation from your manufacturer making it all a breeze for you.

  1. Easy to troubleshoot

Automatic ampoule filling and sealing machines are easy to troubleshoot in case there is a rare technical issue. Again, a detailed documentation will make your life easy. Besides, the technical support provided by your manufacturer will come quite handy in case you need it.