Major Applications of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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An automatic capsule filling machine is useful equipment which is utilized for a myriad of applications. If you are wondering about the major tasks you can accomplish using an automatic capsule filling machine, this post is for you. Let’s dive right in.

  1. For powder filling

One of the most common applications of an automatic capsule filling machine is powder filling. As you know powders are solid and dry particles which are produced by crushing solid substances. This process is fairly simple and doesn’t involve complex procedures. Powder capsule fillers are quite simple in terms of structural design when it comes to the hoppers and dosing system.

  1. Filling pellets

Pellet filling is another important application, an automatic capsule filling machine is used for. There are a number of automatic encapsulating machines that can perform this task. You must know that the speed used for filling pellets is lower than the one used for powder filling. You may have to make some modifications in the equipment to perform this task though. For instance you may have to make changes in the dosing system to make it well-suited for performing this task.

  1. Granule filling

In the pharmaceutical world, powder flow and content uniformity are quite important, but there are times when it becomes quite difficult to achieve it.  This is where granule automatic filling machines come into picture. The coating on the granules is of utmost importance and hence it must not be damaged. The coating is of gastric resistant polymers and the machine should not damage it.

  1. Liquid filling

As you know there are times when liquids are required to be filled and hence you need a capsule filling machine that can fill liquids in capsules. A wide range of viscosity spectrum is needed to be taken into consideration while performing this task. Majority of liquid filling automatic machines use a servo controlled liquid pump for enhanced performance.

  1. Filling capsules with different substances

There are times when you need a capsule filling machine that is capable of filling a combination of products such as liquids and semi solid substances. Automatic capsule filling machines are quite versatile and perform variegated tasks without compromising on performance.

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