Four Head Ampoule Filling Machine

To understand Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machines it is must to first understand what is ampoules and how to fill ampoules.
An ampoule is a sealed container usually made of glass designed to store or preserve liquid samples. Most modern ampoules grant the contents protection to the constituents from the air and other contaminants in the atmosphere. The properties and certainty of protection against external reactants and contaminants make ampoules the best option for pharmaceutical packaging.

The ampoules are sealed at the top thematically by melting the thin top layer with a flame, and these can be opened by snapping the neck of the bottle. The space is remaining at the top of the ampule before sealing is filled with inert gases that do not react with the constituents of the ampoules. Ampoules are not fragile and can be trusted to handle and safely transport pharmaceutical fluids, which is easily accomplished with an Ampoule Filling Machine.

The cost of these ampoules is comparatively higher than the other conventional containers, but the additional sense of security and surety that comes about protection from contaminants and other external factors is worth the extra bucks.

The option of vacuuming out the air from the ampoules, replacing the air inside the ampoules with inert gases and others is available with the different ampoule manufacturing machines in the market.

Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machines Design, Process & Features

Some chemicals may have the tendance of ignition and corroding themselves. In the case of these drugs and chemicals, special care has to be observed for the sealing procedure of ampoules.

The photosensitive chemicals can be packed in ampoules made of smoked glass to avoid exposure to light. With technological advancements outperforming their previous iterations and the constant research that is going on in the upgrades for ampoule technology, we are finding solutions to containing challenging substances and chemicals which are not viable or feasible to be included in the conventional containers.
With the advancement in the designs, efficiency, usage, and other factors determining the ampoule’s quality, the machinery responsible for manufacturing the ampoules is also getting the necessary upgrade with time.

Advantages of ampoules:

  • Protection from environmental dust.
  • Protection from other microorganisms.
  • Storage of the contents in precise amounts.
  • Easy handling of complex pharmaceutical drugs.

Disadvantages of Ampoules:

  • Improper disposal may cause injury.
  • Major changes of getting cuts and injuries while cracking the glass lid open.
  • Chances of glass fragments enter the liquid while opening.

How to Fill Ampoules:

The ampoule filling is a complex mechanism as the main concerning part is not filling the contents of the ampoule into it. Sealing off the lid of these ampoules and keeping foreign elements and fragments from entering into them is more crucial.

The ampoules are aligned on the dispensers in the machines where the contents are poured into the ampoules, and the next step is sealing. The top thin layer of the ampoule is melted down with the help of a flame, and it is sealed. In many cases, the empty space left at the top of the ampoules is filled with inert gases to prevent the chemical reaction of the constituents of the ampoule. Ampoule filling process done in sterile class 100 environment to make process germs & bacteria free.

Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machines

Pharmaceutical ampoule machinery is specifically designed to fill drugs into glass ampoules. With the constantly changing world and increasing population, it is essential to transport drugs sensitive to external factors in bulk quantities, which requires a large quantity of pharmaceutical-grade ampoules. Modern ampoule filler machines fulfil the higher production requirements of the current pharmaceutical market.
The modern ampoule production machines can produce the ampoules in large quantities with built-in safety checks for quality assurance. The perfect balance of quantity and supreme quality is now easy to be maintained with ampoule production machines.

High Speed Automatic Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine

Benefits of Ampoule Filling Machines:

Increased production capacity:

The modern machines for ampoule manufacturing can produce the ampoules at an extremely high rate to meet the set hygienic and safety standards. You can create hundreds and thousands of ampoules every hour with the High Speed Ampoule Filling Machine.

Easy integration with modern manufacturing technologies:

The companies who provide manufacturing machinery for ampoule production need to qualify the specific standards of FDA, CE and ISO for the machinery. The integration of the machines with the existing machinery is straightforward to get optimum outfits.

Monitoring capability:

Most of the machines that are deployed on the manufacturing line are automated and more than capable of running their operations on their own. The monitoring capabilities of these machines enables the accuracy and changing parameters which enables the detection and rectification of the errors in real-time.

Accuracy of Contents:

The contents that go into the ampoules can be in powder, solid and liquid form. In the case of a pharmaceutical container, the accuracy of the quantity becomes extremely important.

The medicines stored in the ampoules should have the exact prescribed quantity filled to avoid underdosing or overdose of the medicines.

The wastage of the medicinal constituents is also avoided with the precise filling mechanisms of the modern machinery used in ampoule production.

Easy Operation:

The production machinery is extremely simple to use these days with the simplification of the user interface and the ease of availability of the machine’s operations in different languages across different parts of the globe. Select from the predefined parameters for the ampoules and just wait for the machine to do its work automatically without worrying about the error detection on other issues.

Cooling Solution:

One of the main issues associated with the operations of heavy machinery is the problem of overheating. The issue of overheating is not an issue in the modern ampoule manufacturing machines we provide, all thanks to the efficient and stable cooling system that regulates the temperature of the components of the machine and the entire system as well.

Types of Ampoule Filling Machines?

Mostly ampoule filling machine can be classified into two major categories. First is Glass Ampoule Filling Machine and second is Plastic Ampoule Filling Machine.
Here we are discussing in detailed about Glass Ampoule Filling Machine which further can be differentiate in two category – 1. Open Mouth Ampoule Filling Machines and 2. Closed Mouth Ampoule Filling Machines
The machine variants are vivid depending on the number of filling heads that are installed in the machine for operations.
The ampoule filling machines can be chosen specifically for your needs after evaluating the exact amount of ampoules needed at the end of the day and checking the balance with the hourly production of these ampoules. The basic operation and functionalities of the machines remain the same across the product range, and the number of filling heads being the variable quantity.

The different kinds of ampoule filling and sealing machines that are available in the market and most opted for are :

Ampoule Filling Machine Working Process

Ampoule Filling Machine works on slant travel mechanism and vertical movement mechanism. Tradition ampoule filling machines works on slant movement of ampoules onto moving rack. Ampoules travel in 45-degree slant position on transportation rack where filling and sealing performed.

Vertical mechanism observed in modern ampoule filling machines which need performance and speed as per latest high production requirements. These types of ampule filler having 90 degree straight travel of ampoule with specially designed ampoule travelling racks. Filling and sealing both operations performed in vertical movement of the ampoules.


Ampoule Filling Machine Features

Every individual variant of the ampoule filling and sealing machines has its own specific and extensive features, which they are chosen for.

Let us walk you through the same for a few of the most popular ampoule filling and sealing machines.

Features of Two Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine:

The two head ampoule filling and sealing machine has exclusive features those make it stand.

Here are the features;

  1. Monoblock equipment that is designed with filler and sealer on a single platform
  2. Filling contacts are stainless steel 316L materials.
  3. One motor which synchronizes with all the drives of the unit
  • Has a provision for nitrogen injection prior and after the liquid filling.
  • The capability of filling a single dose at a range of 0.5ml to 25ml.
    1. Can fill either type B or type C open mouth ampoules.
    2. Has provision for the collection of ampoules in an upright position in the dead tray
    3. Has system of waste tips of ampoules collected in separate tray.
    4. Single phase power supply electricals.
    5. Small footprint with option of castor wheels.

The most standing out benefit of these two head ampoule filling and sealing machines is the availability of minimum changeover of the ampoules.

The two head ampoule filling and sealing machine can fill at the rate up to 3000 ampoules per hour.

Features of Four Head Ampoule Filling Machine:

Here are some exclusive features of the four head ampoule filling and sealing machine;

  1. Has production output of around up to 100 ampoules per minute
  2. The contact parts are made from AISI 316.
  • Has got ampoule neck centering option during the process.
  1. Can fill 1ml to 10ml ampoules.
  2. Has the capability of nitrogen flushing prior to and after filling.
  3. Has got the capability of filling a single dose at a range of 0.5ml to 25ml.
  • Can fill either type B or type C open mouth ampoules.
  • Small footprint with option of castor wheels.

Exclusive Features of Six Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

  1. Its contact parts are made of stainless steel AISI 316L.
  2. Drives have got a single motor unit.
  • Has prior and after nitrogen flushing system.
  1. Provision for collection of ampoule tips.
  2. Easy regulation of the oxygen as well as LPG and the nitrogen flow.
  3. No ampoule no filling feature to avoid wastage of product.
  • Has optional provision for PLC system.
  • Production output is around up to 150 ampoules per minute.
  1. Overall dimension is 2380mm (L) X 1200mm (W) X 1000mm (H)
  2. Interestingly it runs on Single Phase normal power supply only.

Features of Eight Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

  1. Contact parts are made of stainless steel AISI 316L.
  2. Option of mechanical pump, servo based pump as well as peristaltic pump variants.
  3. Drives have got a single motor unit.
  4. Has the prior and after nitrogen flushing.
  5. Provision for collection of ampoule tips.
  6. Easy regulation of the oxygen as well as LPG and the nitrogen flow.
  7. No ampoule no filling feature to avoid wastage.
  • Has optional provision for PLC system.
  • Production output is around up to 150 ampoules per minute
  • Overall dimension is not big as compare to other packaging type machines.
  • Interestingly it runs on Single Phase normal power supply only.

Features of Sixteen Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

  1. Completely servo based mechanism.
  2. Vertical movement of ampoules during nitrogen flushing, liquid filling and sealing.
  3. Guide rail made from high quality delrin materials.
  4. Due to movement mechanism it call Vertical Ampoule Filling Machine.
  • Ampoule production capacity up to 36,000 ampoules per hour.
  1. Works with wide range of ampoules from 1ml to 10 ml ampoules.
  2. Works under the principle of no ampoule no filling function.
  3. Provision for PLC HMI based system.
  4. Overhead class 100 Laminar Air Flow System.

Ampoule Filling Machine Applications

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Pharmaceutical grade ampoules are one of the most widely accepted and used ampoules of all. The capability of the ampoules to protect the medical constituents of the ampoule from external factors and corrosion makes the ampoules an ideal choice, and the Pharmaceutical Ampoule Filling Machine are the best fit for the particular task.

Food industry:

The food industry is the one that is always on the rise, and the number of liquid contents which can use the automatic filling to speed up the process of storage and avoid the risk of spilling and wastage of materials can be easily achieved with the ampoule, container filling machines.

Cosmetic Industry:

The cosmetic industry has a vivid range of products and different variants of the same outcome in colours, fragrances and more. With a more significant number of products and the requirement in the market in bulks, the Cosmetics Ampoule Filling Machine help the manufacturers fill and get the products ready in quantities and at a good space to keep up with the inventory demands.

Chemical Industry:

The chemical industry relies heavily on ampoule filling and sealing machines as most chemical manufacturers and distributors use automatic filling and sealing machines to fill their products in containers. The main reason why these machines are prefered in the process is the chemicals can be hazardous and may cause injuries to the workers. The safety of the workers is ensured during the filling and transportation of the chemicals.


The modern machinery used in the manufacturing of medical and cosmetic ampoules is very reliable. There is a wide range of customizations that can be made to assist the clientele’s specific needs.

If you are looking for ampoule filling and sealing machines that can be customized according to your specific requirements, then you have accurately traced your path towards the best in the market.

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Closed Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

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Six Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Eight Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine with Laminar Air Flow System