Capsule Line Machines are critical in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing and developing capsules with significant medical value. The machine is in high demand from pharmaceutical businesses these days, as medicine is generally taken in the form of capsules or tablets. Capsule line equipment include capsule polishing machines, capsule printing machines, capsule inspection machines, capsule counting machines, capsule filling machines, capsule loaders, capsule counting and filling machines, among others.

The capsule filling machine is the basic equipment of capsule line machines, which is used to fill powder or granules into capsules or tablets. The majority of the devices are adaptable and can support a variety of tablet sizes and shapes. The capsule printing and inspection machine, on the other hand, prints on tablets and inspects them for any bad batches. Below are detailed descriptions of some of the capsule line machines.

The capsule polishing machine, also known as a capsule polisher, is used to clean the capsules produced by removing any powder particles adhering to their exterior surfaces. It has a polishing chamber with a spiral brush that rotates to remove the sticky particles. This chamber is attached to a vacuum cleaner, which sucks the de-dusted powder, which is highly recommended for improving the capsule polishing quality. The angle of the polishing chamber can be adjusted to fit the formulation. The capsule polishing machine is a highly adaptable equipment that does not require any part changes to handle varied capsule sizes.

Capsule Polishing Machine

Capsule Counting and Filling Machine (Capsule Line Machines)

Capsule counting and filling machine uses to count & fill capsules into bottles, jars, bags and pouches. The capsule counting and filling equipment works with both plastic and glass bottles. This machine is commonly uses in the pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, herbal, and ayurvedic industries for small-scale production processes. The GMP standard design ensures the machine’s finest quality, while the stainless steel frame structure ensures its durability.

Capsule counting and filling machines use custom-made discs that are tailored to fit the precise filling needs of each customer. We also offer electronic capsule counting machine which is PLC based capsule counter work with touch screen PLC system to automatically sense capsules. This pharmaceutical capsule counter is having PLC program through which one can enter desired number of count in touch screen of machine and sensor count and drop capsules automatically onto bottles.

Capsule Counting Machine

Capsule Printing Machine

The capsule printing machine is uses to print axial printing on capsules of various specifications with excellent quality and speed. It can be used on both hard and soft gelatin capsules, as well as tablets with odd shapes. The addition of an innovative variable frequency control system elevates the capsule printing machine to a high-end machine that, when combined with other machines, becomes suitable for product printing on capsules. The tablet printing machine may print one or two sides in a variety of colours. It can print on any form, including circular, oval, hexagonal, and triangular. The print on the capsules and tablet is really clear.

Capsule Inspection Machine

Before capsules leave the manufacturing area, capsules are thoroughly checked for any impurities and malfunction. Capsule Inspection Machine uses for through inspection of capsules for any dust or foreign particles.  This ensures that only the best quality capsules are packed and supplied, free of any flaws.

Capsule Inspection Machine

Bottom Line

Adinath International is one of the leading capsule line machine manufacturers and suppliers. The machines are created in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. They are simple to maintain and produce at a high pace. Machines such as capsule polishing machines, capsule printing machines, capsule inspection machines, capsule counting and filling machines, and so on are all equipped with cutting-edge technology and perform their tasks efficiently.

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