• Capsule Counting Machine
  • Capsule Counting Machine


Capsule Counting Machine or capsule counter device uses for counting and Filling 1 to 1000 capsules, tablets in poly bags and rigid containers. Rotating disc gives highest capacity of filling. Each disc is custom designed and manufactured to meet customer’s need. A special dust extractor is provided to remove dust particles from the passage to the container, thus dust free tablets and capsules could be filled. The heart of every Adinath has a heavy-duty gearbox, thus maintaining its needs to modern packaging standards. Suitable size rotating disc can be provided as per filling count requirements.

Salient Features of Capsule Counting Machine

  • Suitable to pack tablets and capsules both.

  • Small footprint.

  • Easy to use and less maintenance.

  • User friendly and easy to clean.

  • Suitable diameter disc providing highest filling capacity.

  • Custom designed disc to match specific needs.

  • Special dust extractor to remove dust particles from the passage to the container (optional if required)

  • Fitted with heavy duty gear box.

Working Principle of Capsule Counting Machine

Product is feed on a rotating disc, and is channel in guided opening as per the shape and size of the product for counting & filling. As per the count set in the counting MMI unit no. of count is maintained and released by pneumatic closer for the counting and filling operation. Product Containers/Pouches are kept manually at the release end to fill the counted product. The filler can be elevated from 20 to 35 degrees to facilitate entry of every product into the disc holes. All contact parts are fabricated out of stainless steel. Heavy duty Gear box 50:1 ratio connected to 1 H.P. 440 volts, 3 phase motor 1440 RPM with variable speed drive. The RPM of the disc varies from 3 to 7 depending upon the product. Delivery chutes direct the product from the counting disc into telescoping stainless-steel filler tubes of various sizes. For accurate filling, tubes and adaptors of various sizes are supplied to suit different containers. Special delivery chutes will be supplied for counting and filling capsules in narrow mouth container such as vials. A 30″ diameter disc gives optimum capacity. Each disc is custom designed and manufactured to meet your individual filling requirements. Machine is versatile enough to count coated/uncoated tablets, hard or soft gelatin capsules of any shape and size such as pearls, oblong and round capsules.

Technical Specification of Capsule Counting Machine

Specification Description
Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316 or other Food Grade materials
Diameter of Counting Disc 24” / 30” / 36” / 48”
Feed Disc Material of Constructions Delrin / Cast Nylon / Similar food grade material
Power Consumption 1 H.P.
Air Consumption 40 liters/minute@ 6 bar pr.
Electrical Characteristics 220 volts, Single Phase, 50 hertz
Overall Dimension 1345mm (L) X 1170mm (W) 990mm (H) approx.
Packing Box Dimension 1981mm (L) X 1219mm (W) 1016mm (H) approx.
Net Weight 200 Kgs. approx.
Gross Weight 350 Kgs. approx.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.