A network of tubes is required to transport the powder material from the pickup point or source to the customer’s process in industries. Here, a Vacuum Conveyor is used for the task. Venturi ejector-driven vacuum conveying systems have been developed to help with loading and refilling procedures. Most vacuum conveying systems deliver product to the vacuum receiver based on a timed period.The discharge valve may open at the conclusion of the timed sequence, allowing the delivered material to discharge into the process.

The variety of package vacuum conveying systems from Gericke are intended to move most bulk materials, including powders and granules. The components may be customised to fit a wide range of process applications thanks to the modular architecture, including sack and FIBC unloading and delivery to feeders, mixers, mills, and packaging processes.

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Advantages of Vacuum Conveyor

  • A straightforward, dust-free conveyance approach with little moving components is a hoover transporting system.
  • It is affordable and simple to maintain.
  • It may be used quickly and easily without the need for any additional equipment.
  • For cleaning and validation, the units are disassembled into component form.
  • Low power usage and effective powder transporting technology.

Applications of the Vacuum Conveyor

  • Chemicals
  • Animal and Human Food
  • For nutraceuticals, a food-grade solution
  • transporting tablets and consolidated particles
  • Various colours and powder coating
  • Transfer of Pellets and Unloading of Sacks.
  • FIBC discharge, among others.

Why use Gericke’s Vacuum Conveyor machine?

  • Gericke is confident in the knowledge and abilities of their outstanding staff members.
  • Gericke produces products of exceptional quality and is constantly striving to create something novel.
  • For growth and expansion, the organisation built a solid development philosophy.
  • Gericke adheres to strict moral principles.
  • Equipment and systems for processing powder are designed and produced by Gericke.
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