Why Medicine Sector Prefer Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machines ?

Preparing medication in powder form has certain logical advantages, and they include,

  • Drugs can be prepared in granular form to help prevent stability problems.
  • prevents viscosity variations, which are one of the major issues in the manufacturing of liquid syrup.
  • Syrup in powder form helps prevent crystal formation.
  • According to the medication’s pure granule form, which leaves no room for moisture or water content, it is not impacted by climate variations.
  • These are rather modest in weight, making shipping simple and affordable.

How Filling Machines are Beneficial to this Process ?

Different types of dry syrup powder filling Machines are created to fulfil the expanding needs of various industries. These automatic devices cut down on the possibility of spills, unwanted medicine exposure to the environment, and significantly speed up packaging. In addition, procedures that begin with measuring and end with filling the appropriate containers happen quickly. These machines cannot be surpassed in terms of speed, precision, and delivery of packed containers when compared to manual filling.

Dry Syrup Power Filling Machine

Qualitative Range of Powder Filling Machines For Drug Industry

The drug industry presents the greatest packing challenges and demands. The dry syrup filling machine has a specific job to fulfil since maintaining the dose restrictions requires precision in quantity. The pharmaceutical business benefits significantly from automatic filling devices. In addition, a unique range of filling equipment has been developed, taking into account the important difficulties connected to dosage, medication stability, and regulatory constraints. These have a unique design and enable dosing versatility. These filling tools come in a variety of varieties and are built to meet both production needs and industry standards.

The Automatic 168 Head Rotary Dry Syrup Powder Filling Device has 16 heads of powder filling capacity and automatic functionality. It works best for filling 4000-6000 containers and handling PET, HDPE, and LDPE bottles. Additionally, this machine stuffs objects using vacuum and air systems and performs at a high rate of speed thanks to a rotational bottle moving mechanism. Another benefit of employing this technology is waste prevention.

Automatic High Speed Rotary Dry Syrup 16×8 Powder Filling and Capping Machine

This machine has all the capabilities of 16 head rotary powder filling machines, but it also has capping functionality. In order to ensure smooth stuffing and sealing at very high speed, the outfeed star wheel and capping have been synchronised. It can be used with ROPP and is still compatible to handle any type of cap when capping.

Double and Single Head Auger Type Machine

Automatic single- or double-head augur dry syrup filling equipment are compatible types of packing tools that maintain flexibility for handling various container, bottle, and other shape configurations. Depending on the amount of product and the shape of the container, it can fill up to 600–1200 containers every hour. This equipment is one of the more affordable filling machines for the pharmaceutical business, nonetheless.


Equipment for filling powder that is used in the pharmaceutical industry offers greater performance and accuracy advantages. One of the top producers and providers of equipment for pharmaceutical packaging, Adinath creates a variety of machinery for packing medications in granular form. These maintain high quality while being reasonably priced.

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