A adaptable, portable device made to fill liquids into bottles is called a powder/dry syrup filling machine. The dry powder is accurately dosed into the bottle by the machine using a piston dosing method. The powder is kept from spilling or splashing thanks to the servo drive and PLC technology. It is perfect for a range of pharmaceutical applications because to its excellent precision and efficiency. To meet the needs of the manufacturing line, these machines come in a range of sizes and with various characteristics.

Large amounts of powder can be filled into bottles with the automatic dry syrup powder filling machine. To endure the demands of the pharmaceutical business, the machine is constructed of stainless steel. It has a maximum fill rate of 50 per minute. The capacity ranges from 6000 bottles per hour depending on the bottle size and type of powder. Additionally, it has variable speed control and works with a variety of bottle sizes.

The stainless steel frame of the Dry Syrup Filling Machine makes it easily adaptable to various containers. A feeding and measurement system is part of the automation system, which accelerates and simplifies the operation. A servo motor controls filling speed and offers storage capacity for product adjustment parameters. It has a lengthy lifespan and is quite effective. Utilizing this machine guarantees quality and consistency, both of which are crucial for your company.

Double Head Dry Powder Filling Machine

24 augers on an automatic dry syrup filling machine make sure that the dry powder is filled smoothly. The type of powder and its volume determine the machine’s filling rate. The size of the bottle and the volume of powder being filled determine the machine’s speed. Both glass and PET bottles can be filled with dry syrup using the automatic filling machine. A high-volume production line can use just one cycle of this equipment.

Five to fifty grammes of powder can be filled every minute by the dry syrup filling machine. A servo auger base powder filler unit and an air system are used to operate it. The amount and kind of powder affect the machine’s speed and precision. The kind of bottle used affects the machine’s speed. You can pick a model that satisfies the needs of your company. Easy to use options are always the best.

Dry Syrup Production Line Manufacturers & Suppliers

The effective automatic Double-Head Auger Dry Syrup Filling Machine fills a predetermined volume of dry syrup powder into a predetermined size of bottle. It is constructed from strong AISI 304 materials. Both glass and plastic bottles can be filled by the automatic Double Head Auger Dry Syrup Filling Machine. They can be turned on and off manually or automatically. The majority of these devices are automatable.