Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine: The Entire Process at a Glance

Dry Syrup Power Filling Machine Specification

Dry syrup powder filling machine is quite indispensable to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. This machine is quite easy to use and you just need basic knowledge to operate it. Today we will discuss about its design and operational features. Let’s dive right in.

What is dry syrup?

It is very important to understand what dry syrup is. As the name suggests, it is a powder mixture which needs you to mix a certain amount of water to it. It comprises solid particles, loose & dry particles with different amount of fineness, and one or multiple necessary ingredients.

Most of these dry syrups need water during the dispensation unless instructed otherwise. You must be curious why is it provided in dry powder form in the first place. Let’s answer that first for you!

Why Dry Syrup?

Advantages of Dry Syrup

There are advantages galore of dry powder syrup which are listed as under-

  • Drug’s chemical stability in adequate measures.
  • Reduced the overall weight.
  • They are easy to transport and store as opposed to liquid oral dosage.
  • You can keep several problems such as change in viscosity, incompatibility and crystal growth at bay.
  • Easily increase the shelf life of antibiotics.

You must know that dry syrup containers have special features and they are made of special materials. Only these containers are used to store, pack and transport dry syrup. These special containers help preserve the natural properties of dry syrup. These bottles are made of plastic, HDPE, glass, PET or LDPE. They ensure an easy flow of the content and keep it protected from moisture, light and gas. It also serves as a great purpose to keep chemical reactivity at bay. Dry syrup containers are filled with the content using special machines which are called dry syrup powder filling machines. These machines have the following advantages.

Benefits of Dry Syrup Filling Machines

It goes without saying that the pharmaceutical industry is quite sensitive. There is no margin for errors when it comes to the production, filling, storage or transportation of drugs. Here are some of the major reasons why dry syrup filling machines are used.

  1. Easily accommodates containers of varies sizes.
  2. These machines are computer-aided and hence there is a reduced need of human intervention.
  3. Owing to a PLC control system one can program and control the machine from some distance.
  4. These machines have a state-of-the-art monitoring system which enables users to monitor the entire packaging process.

These machines are capable of performing a number of tasks including filling the bottles with dry syrup and transporting the containers from one station to another using a conveyor belt. The integrity of dry syrup powder is also ensured through a comprehensive sterilizing system. Some of these machines can also manage the capping and sealing process.
There are different types of dry syrup powder filling machines in the market which we will discuss in the next post.

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