The fast Rapid Mixer Granulator is a type of mixer that uses angled mixer blades and choppers (also known as beaters or agitators) to mix materials evenly and homogeneously. When the material is blended, it is combined in an equal amount, and the result is a final product with a consistent shape and no lumps.

Do the have any Rapid Mixer Granulator salient features?

  • A high-speed mixer granulator with horizontal walls is used for unequal size granules, especially wet granulation, to help with powder mixing and product breakdown.
  • The stirrer driving shaft and quick mixer granulator shaft are used to properly run the purge sealing system.
  • The bowl’s design can consist of three parts: a flat bottom, a middle piece, and a conical top component that acts as a counterbalance lid for efficient mixing.
  • A cover is included in addition to the charging nozzle, vent filter, and nozzle connector.
  • Good food-grade silicone gasket is included.
  • The chopper typically has an impeller with four blades.

The working principle of mixer:

Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India

The fast mixer operates efficiently thanks to a bottom entrance agitator. On a chopper, the agitator is securely fixed. Its primary function is to prepare the dough by wet mixing, dry blending granulating, and granulation. It is efficient in reducing material to tiny granules. The fundamental idea is to get the content or material moving, first at a modest speed and subsequently at a profiled cutter speed. The material is reduced in size so that the finished product can be seen.

After the substance or content has dried for around 3 to 5 minutes, the components have been mixed. To moisten the material before it is ground into granules measuring 0.5 to 1.5 mm, the wet mixing procedure typically lasts 5 to 10 minutes.

The amount of components and particle size determine how long the finest processing takes.The granulator is affordable and available.

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