A device known as a high-shear granulator shatters lumps created in products during wet mixing. Its side discharge outlet exactly matches the intervening bowl’s profile. A swivel-type cylinder housing and safety interlocks at the discharge valve and top lid are features of the high-speed Granulator. It can be used to grind a wide range of items in any business.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Lab Model

High Shear Granultor

An expert granulator for a variety of materials is a high-shear granulator. These machines’ high-shear action can agglomerate powders to produce granules with constant and uniform sizes while producing the least amount of process dust. High-shear granulators do, however, have several drawbacks, such as restricted operation conditions, erratic binder liquid dispersion, and big lumps.

An FDA-approved high-shear granulator is typically constructed of stainless steel. A fully autonomous system is only one example of the technology that these devices might have. For the majority of applications, the Touch Screen Control System is perfect. High-shear granulators can also be totally automatic, which makes them the best option for the majority of applications.

Side Mounted Chopper for Rapid Mixer Granulator

An example of a high-shear mixer is the rapid mixer granulator (RMG), which breaks up dry, sticky substances into tiny pieces. RMGs do not promote mass growth or compactness, in contrast to traditional granulators. Instead, they shatter and chop the material, which simplifies and expedites the granulation process. The size of the particles produced depends on the chopper’s speed, which normally ranges between 12400 and 2000 rpm or more.

A cross-contamination prevention system is included into the RMG. A filter, a pressure gauge, pipes, and pneumatic fittings make up this system. A control panel with a timer, indicators, and a discharge opening is included with the unit. An impeller on the processing device causes the mixture to tumble as it is being processed, distributing the dry grains uniformly.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Vacuum Transfer System for Rapid Mixer Granulator

The Rapid Mixer Granulator’s vacuum transfer system is intended for use in a wide range of pharmaceutical applications, including the production of different dosage forms, powders, and liquids. It is a flexible technology that combines fluid bed gravity displacement through a dry mill with vacuum charging into a high-shear granulator. Furthermore, the system can be set up to dry or granulate.

A dry material-transfer system that does not require human interaction is the vacuum transfer system. It comes in affordable price ranges and is perfectly suited for blending, loading, and unloading dry goods. Reduced cost and increased production are two benefits of the vacuum transfer system over conventional means of material-transfer.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Performance

A particular piece of machinery called a rapid mixer granulator was created to enable speedy and equal distribution of dry components. The speed at which the components are combined and the homogeneity of the blended products are the two main variables that affect how well it performs. Numerous types of the granulator are available, including oscillating and small models. The granulator is made by well-known suppliers and is marked at the most affordable prices.

The sort of product a quick mixer granulator is used for determines its design. High rotating speed is needed for a three-blade impeller, although this could lead to thermal stress. The longer side wings of two-blade impellers, on the other hand, guarantee rapid mixing even at slower rotational speeds. A high-shear mixer granulator’s position and design are also important factors. The chopper’s position and the volume of granules it produces must be reliable and regular.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Applications of Rapid Mixer Granulator

A rapid mixer granulator has a wide range of uses, from food to medicine. The device has the capacity to speed up uniformity and shorten batch times. It has a low profile for simple cleaning and the ability to measure granule size and homogeneity. The user may keep an eye on granulation parameters and manage product quality with the use of an MMI. Additionally, the machine requires little maintenance because it features a replaceable mixing tool that can be cleaned without taking it apart.

A mechanical granulator called the Rapid Mixer Granulator can quickly turn dry or wet powder into granules. By achieving consistent granulation with a lower level of friability, this machine lowers exposure to medication dust. Additionally, unlike other granulators, this one produces granules with a homogeneous, smooth particle size distribution. Additionally, production is increased while worker exposure to medication dust is reduced. The Rapid Mixer Granulator’s efficiency is primarily influenced by the granulator bowl’s load, the impeller speed, and the wet massing tyre.

The Bottom Line

To crush substances into tiny fragments, the High Shear Granulator employs high speed mixing, turbulent mixing, and adjustable momentum. It can be used to combine dry and liquid components and comes in a variety of model sizes. They come in a variety of blade shapes. There are typically two or four revolving blades on a rapid mixer granulator.