The Rapid Mixer Granulator is a mixing device with a stainless-steel bowl in the form of a dome. Together, the impeller and the chopper blend the materials to create a fine, granule-like mass. Granule size is controlled by the chopper speed, which is controlled along with the impeller speed. The ideal granule size is produced by the chopper, which is located at the base of the dome and rotates at a high speed (50 to 3000 RPM).

This apparatus has a vertical downward aperture, a chopper, and a pneumatic cylinder. To operate, the granulator needs compressed air at 3-5 kg/cm2. Both wet and dry blending can be done using the Rapid Mixer Granulator. It includes a specifically designed cutter blade that helps to produce fine granules regardless of the material. The Rapid is a great option for a particular powder blending application because it has a variety of functions.

There are numerous applications for the Rapid Mixer Granulator in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It can aid in the manufacturing of tablets, capsules, and other goods. It serves two primary purposes. It first facilitates the production of a homogeneous and uniform mixture. It also quickens the granulating procedure. Thirdly, it speeds up the entire processing process. Finally, it is simple to maintain. Furthermore, this device is fireproof.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Lab Model

The speed of a Rapid Mixer Granulator is a crucial component to consider. Vacuum pressure controls the speed. The vacuum will bind the ingredients once they have been poured into the bowl in granule form. The materials are then released to the subsequent procedure. Because its bottom-driven Z-rotor produces the best wet granules, a high-shear mixer granulator is perfect for wet granulation.

Wet and dry blending, as well as fluid crushing and mixing, are all capabilities of a rapid mixer granulator. Its four-armed, barrel-shaped blending drum includes a weight zone that may be adjusted. As long as the chopper has the right quantity of liquid binder, the system can change the size of its granules. Rotary shear granulators come in a number of different varieties. The optimum type of rotary mixer for your purposes should be selected once your needs have been established.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

The bowl, the chopper, and the impeller are the three key components of the patented agglomeration device known as the Rapid Mixer Granulator. The bowl rotates at 1440/2880 RPM and is attached to the machine. A extremely fine granule can be produced by the rotor’s spherical cyclone granulator in a matter of seconds.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to operate at peak efficiency and generate uniform granules. A fast mixer granulator creates granules with the proper density and shape. They are also quite simple to clean, which is essential for granules of excellent quality. It not only performs at its best, but it also complies with GMP requirements.