A high-precision equipment called a fast mixer granulator is used to combine wet and dry granulation of materials in the same tub.

To prevent powder segregation, to prepare material for compression, or to improve flowing properties, high-quality fast mixer granulators are required.

Fast mixer granulators are known by the following names in particular contexts:

  1. Small shear granules
  2. Large shear granulator controller
  3. Strong scissor mixer.

Various Rapid Mixer Granulator

  • Rapid Mixer Granulator:

The Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to efficiently mix materials and wet granulate for the manufacturing of tablets and capsules. This robust technology guarantees effective blending, consistency in granule size, and a shorter cycle time. The name of this device is Lab Rapid Mixer Granulator.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

  • Wet Granulation for Tablet:

Using acceptable nontoxic granulating fluids such water, isopropanol, or ethanol, small powder particles are agglomerated or combined into a larger, solid, and relatively permanent shape for tablets during the wet granulation step of the expansion process.

  • Wet Granulation for Capsule:

The procedure of expansion known as “wet granulation” for capsules involves adding solvent to the excitation content in order to produce agglomeration or grains. It is the most traditional and widely used method of producing capsules. It’s also the type of choice that must be made when packing high-dose medications.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Why Wet Granulation is done ?

The process of wet granulation involves combining dried primary powder crystals with a granulating agent (the method of applying a liquid solution to the material). As a result, controlling the amount of solvent, binder, and mechanical motion aids in controlling the granule’s intensity and uniformity. Wet Granulation for Tablets and Wet Granulation for Capsules are the two types of granulation.

Factors to remember before importing fast mixer granulators

When importing pharmaceutical products like quick mixer granulators, there are a few crucial factors to take into account. They include the following:

  1. Find the legitimate and successful manufacturers of rapid mixer granulators.
  2. Transport and storage, including modes of delivery, prices, and freight expenses, etc.
  3. Municipal officials and replacement parts were required for the unit’s upkeep.
  4. Technical support and maintenance.

Evaluate the configuration of the rapid mixer granulator

The Rapid Mixer Granulator‘s entire functionality must be ascertained. It is because it would have an impact on how well the entire operation performed.

  1. Granulation jar or tank tub
  2. Impellers concept
  3. Creation of Chopper
  4. Meaning of Sealing
  5. Mechanism of driving
  6. Discharge of granules
  7. Core and configuration of the unit
  8. Frilling granules
  9. Spray Pump
  10. Electrical and monitor panels

An essential role is played by high shear granulators in the agglomeration of metal, powder for additional refinement, or as a finished component. This is a crucial instrument used by pharmaceutical firms.

When importing quick mixer granulators, it is important to take product needs, equipment, and technological criteria into account. A thorough grasp of the powder granulation process is required, as well as rigour and gradual evaluation of these factors.