Equipment like the rapid mixer granulator is widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals nowadays. Prior to compression and pressurisation, the materials are evenly mixed in the proper proportion using this device, also referred to as a high-shear roller mixer. Several roller drums are arranged on a sizable area in this method of combining substances to give them the necessary velocity. The components receive their specific dose or quantity through this method. Additionally, it lowers production costs and saves businesses a substantial amount of time.

A number of spinning rollers that can be positioned above the top of the external mixing chamber on the Rapid Mixer Granulator. A fluid of a specific volume is permitted to circulate inside this chamber, which is filled with the fluid. Such a mixing chamber can be a dry room or a wet room. There are several granulators with quick mixers that have two chambers.

These kinds of quick mixer granulators work with a fixed fanning mechanism that is kept in place according to specifications. A stationary impeller powers the mixing rollers inside the chamber. This specific technique offers the largest quantity of powder conversion in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, the rate of granulation varies from one manufacturer to the next.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Lab Model

The following are a few of the additional features of these granulation machines. They ought to follow a productive operating theory. How quickly the powder reaches the breaking point depends on the working principle. The machine can reduce heat creation thanks to this feature. Additionally, it guarantees that the temperature won’t change. The majority of quick mixer granulator machines run on electricity.

An impeller is the last component. The granulation process is sped up by an impeller. The machine must have a power source in order to run at the proper pace. The machine will operate mechanically to produce the best results after the speed is selected. A separate feed chute is a feature of most quick mixers.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Utilizing a rapid mixer granulator has many advantages, including quick tumbling motion, less surface damage, and lower expenses. A technique that helps break down larger sized grains is the tumbling motion. The granular elements may be distributed more evenly using this method. The tumbler’s surface is evenly coated with the powder, resulting in homogeneous heating. Costs associated with the dry granulation process are decreased by this technology.