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We are India’s pioneering tablet production line manufacturer and supplier. This comprehensive system is a combination of a number of machines which are mentioned below. All machines are cGMP compliant and being a leading exporter of tablet production line, we offer both small scale tablet production line and high speed tablet production line.

Tablet production takes place through wet granulation, dry granulation and tablet compression methods. All of these practices have their own set of advantages.

This production line is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and comprises the following machines.

Vibro Sifter

Also referred to as vibrating sieve, this machine consists of a vibrating motor and a circular pre-tensioned screen mounted on a frame. Owing to the revolving motion of eccentric weights, the vibrating motor is able to disseminate three plane vibrations to the screen. The machine is also equipped with springs to ensure the rest of the system remains impervious to the vibrations.

Vibro Sifter Suppliers in industrial

Rapid Mixer Granulator

This machine is in place to reduce processing time and facilitate homogeneous granule mixing. Our tablet production line is aimed at reducing operational costs with the highest possible hygienic standards. It also complies with cGMP norms and focuses on two key factors. The machine is designed to offer close to bottom spinning in the mixing bowl and the impeller ensures that the entire mixture has a whirling rising motion.

Multi Mill

This machine is a portable unit that offers high speed granulation, mixing, shredding, pulverization and chopping of a whole host of wet and dry materials without needing any external attachments. It has variable force swing hammer blades equipped with knife and impact edges that rotate inside the machine ensuring controlled size reduction.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Made with cGMP compliant stainless steel 304 and 316 stainless steel, fluid bed dryer is in place to achieve uniform material drying at low temperatures. The heating system can also be customized according to the unique needs of our clients. The machine is equipped with filters, blower, filter bag, motor and control panel.

Octagonal Blender

Also known as octagonal mixer, this machine is in place for enhanced operational flexibility. It exhibits a sleek and compact cGMP compliant design. This versatile machine offers efficient blending for mixing and lubricating dry granules in a homogeneous manner.

Coating Pan

The Coating Pan is Semi Ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth for charging & discharging of tablets, Pan mounted at an inclination of 45 degrees to the horizontal.  The tablet coating pan unit is provided with a hot air blower consisting of suitable 3 Phase 440 V, 2880 RPM TEFC electric motor & centrifugal blower with damper delivering required CFM. The air is heated by means of suitable electric heater to give air at 30 to 90 degrees Heater with thermostat control and flexible hose pipe.

Tablet Compression Machine

We offer various tablet compression machines such as 8, 10, 12, 16, 27, and 35 station rotary tabletting machines. Our range of offerings includes both single and double rotary tablet press machines.

Blister Packaging Machine

As the name suggests this machine is well-suited for packaging purposes. Being one of the best manufacturers of tablet production line in India, our blister packaging machine is pretty sought after in the pharmaceutical industry.