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Double Side Rotary Tablet Machine is an ergonomically designed high speed tableting machine that is uses for producing tablets with high precision. This system is a highly efficient mechanical device that compresses the ingredients into desired tablet shape with utmost accuracy.

Our high speed tableting machine works on the principle of compression and the tablets are formed due to punches and dies. We offer double side rotary tablet machines and there are a number of models available including 37 stations tablet press machine. Our vast range of double sided rotary tablet machines has different properties and all machines offered by us ensure easy administration whilst minimizing production costs.

Working Principle of Double Side Tableting Machine

The working principle of our double side rotary tablet machine can be broken into 4 key stages or phases which are as under-

  • Filling: The filling stage involves positioning of granules for tablet compression. Granules are adjusted according to the weight at this stage.
  • Metering: As the name suggests metering removes excess granules and ensures that the right amount of granules are taken.
  • Compression: The compression stage involves top and bottom punches coming together and due to the pressure in the die, tablets are formed.
  • Ejection: Tablets are removed from the lower punch die station once the tablets are compressed and formed.

For more information related to our 37 stations tablet press, feel free to touch base with us.

Salient Features of High Speed Tablet Compression Machine

  • cGMP Model.
  • Powerful Pre Compression and Main Compression force.
  • Turret is driven by centrally fitted oil emerged gear box.
  • Available with Two Layer Tablet Compression Facility. (optional)
  • Maximum Speed of Turret up to 70 RPM.
  • 100 KN Main Compression Force.
  • 100 KN Pre-compression Force.
  • Available in tooling combination of D, B & BB (different models)
  • Pressure adjustment controls from outside area.
  • Pressure loading and overloading pressure release mechanism through Hydro-Pneumatic Power Pack System.
  • Main motor and force feeder motor driven through VFD.
  • Auto lubrication arrangements hence less maintenance.
  • Upper Punch Penetration.
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts.
  • Electronic Digital Tablet Counter cum RPM indicator.
  • Interlock Switches to all upper guards.
  • Pneumatic powder loading system. (optional)
  • IQ/OQ documentation can be provided.
  • PLC system with Graphical User Interface can be offered. (optional)

Technical Specification of Tablet Press Machine

Model 37D 45D 55BB
Number of Stations 37 45 55
Type of Tooling Punch D D BB
Output – Tablets / hour approx. 222000 270000 333000
Max. Operating Pressure 100 KN 65 KN 65 KN
Max. Tablet Dia 25mm 16mm 11mm
Max. Depth of fill 20mm 17mm 17mm
Upper Punch Penetration 3 – 6mm 3 – 6mm 3 – 6mm
Main Electric Motor 9 H.P., 1440 RPM, 415 V., 3 Phase, 50 Hz. 9 H.P., 1440 RPM, 415 V., 3 Phase, 50 Hz. 9 H.P., 1440 RPM, 415 V., 3 Phase, 50 Hz.
Overall Dimension (mm) approx. 1670 x 1830 x 2150 1670 x 1830 x 2150 1670 x 1830 x 2150
Net Weight (Kgs) approx. 2500 3500 3500

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.