The equipment for cleaning and sterilising ampoules is part of the ampoule filling line. This apparatus may be preheated and filled, and it can be altered to meet the particular needs of the clients. The equipment comes in a variety of sizes that may hold 120 to 400 ampoules each. This machine was created in accordance with international standards and may operate at a speed of 200 m/min in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Ampoule filling and sealing line was created to specifically address the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. It is a productive and trustworthy instrument for the pharmaceutical sector. It provides a high degree of reliability, meets regulatory criteria, and is simple to maintain. The machine’s slant hopper and self-centering grippers stop the medication liquid from leaking. Additionally, this device has a fill rate of thirty to fifty bottles per minute.

This machine has a top-notch stainless steel frame and is simple to operate. A stepping transmission system is also included. 300 to 500 ampoules per minute are the typical speed range. From 1 to 20 ml, it can process all different kinds of ampoules. It complies with FDA safety and effectiveness standards. This machine has a top speed of 500 metres per minute.

Machine Specification of Ampoule Filling Line

One popular option for a single ampoule filling line is the single ampoule filling and sealing machine. It is perfect for usage in the pharmaceutical and biochemical sectors. Additionally, it works with open mouth ampoules of type C and B. Before and after liquid filling, it has a nitrogen injection facility. The HC-100 also has a pre-warming mechanism that makes sure the glass is perfectly sealed. There is a dehydration tunnel on the single filling and sealing device.

The Ampoule Filling Lines and sealing ampoules is compatible with a variety of ampoules. This apparatus works well for filling both liquids and powders. For the pharmaceutical industry, it is the best option due to its accuracy, precision, and CE certification. The Ampoule filling and sealing machine can accommodate various sizes and forms because to its adaptability and toughness. Because of this, it serves as the ideal answer for enterprises of all sizes.

Eight Head Ampoule Filling Machine

The biotech and pharmaceutical sectors utilise a machine based on the slant travelling principle. It is mostly used to clean and cap ampoules, which have an oval and cylindrical shape. The production capacity can change depending on the ampoules’ size and shape. For instance, the ampoule filling line  pharmaceutical can process up to 290 ampoules of the 1 ml size in a single minute.

Ampoule filling devices go beyond basic sealers. They are made to add exact amounts of liquid to jars. They are ergonomically pleasant and designed to facilitate unidirectional air movement. They are useful tools and also have applications in the biomedical sector. They are the perfect option for any business that produces a range of pharmaceuticals, including medications, and they may be applied in a variety of ways.

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