High Speed Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are many distinct types of machinery. Depending on their configuration, these machines have distinct tasks to complete. A capsule filling machine is one of the pharmaceutical industry’s assets. It is a vital equipment that cater substantial role in Capsule Filling process by speeding up the procedure.

Let’s start with a definition of a capsule filler before moving on to the working principles of several sorts of capsule fillers.

What is Capsule Filler?

A capsule filler is a machine that fills pharmaceutical substances into empty capsules. Personal capsule filling machines and professional capsule filling machines are the two types of capsule filling machines that are available. Personal capsule filling devices are intended for use on a small scale. People can fill their capsules with medication using these personal capsule filler machines. Professional capsule fillers, on the other hand, are employed in pharmaceutical businesses for large-scale production with high efficiency.

Working Principle of Capsule Filling Machine

Every machine has its unique way of working. The capsule filling machine follows a step-by-step procedure as outlined below.


  1. Colorless and translucent capsules are placed in the capsule filling tray in order.
  2. Capsule caps are separated from their bodies.
  3. Adding medicinal substances to the capsule body
  4. Rearrange the bodies and caps.
  5. Filling capsules and removing them from the machine

This technique of operation is uses by all sorts of capsule filling machines, commonly known as encapsulators.

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Different Types of Capsule Filling Machines

Capsule fillers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, based on the requirement for fillers in various industries. For use in the pharmaceutical industry, capsule filling machines are divided into the following categories.

Below is the comprehensive information about how different types of capsule filler machines works?

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

A manual capsule filling machine  is mostly employed on an individual basis, but it can also be utilised in industries where accurate amounts of substances must be filled.

In one pressing, a Hand Operated Capsule Filling Machine can manufacture about 300 capsules. The loading trays of these capsule filling machines accommodate a volume of 300 holes. A powder tray is also included with the unit. The pin plate serves as a machine filter as well as a sealing plate for capsule caps. The machine is coupled to a cam handle with an average loading tray of 300 holes. With the above-mentioned good features, a manual capsule filling machine is capable of creating capsules to the user’s specifications.

All of the above are prerequisites for a manual capsule filling machine.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The semi automatic capsule filling machine  combines the advantages of both automatic and manual capsule filling devices.

Semi automatic machines are less reliant on the human. It is constructed in such a way that the equipment will meet the pharmaceutical industry’s hygiene standards. Its functional design and sturdy construction make it a low-maintenance and long-lasting piece of equipment.

The use of stainless steel and non-corrosive proven elements in the design of minor parts prevents contamination and allows for easy cleaning after use, making capsule fillers suitable for filling powders and granular substances in pharmaceutical sectors.

Single Loader Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

An automatic capsule filling machine  is made and developed to fill capsules directly with medicinal powders without the need for an operator. In the pharmaceutical industry, automatic filters are utilised in large-scale capsule manufacturing. These capsule machines can fill any powder, granule, or fine particle into the capsule’s body. An online capsule polishing machine, dust collector, damage capsule sorter, and empty capsule ejector can all be added to an automatic encapsulator to make it a full system.

The pharmaceutical sector requires a capsule filling machine to produce high-volume capsules in a contamination-free environment. The full explanation and all of the preceding facts demonstrate that capsule filling machines are reliable capsule production equipment.

Machine Specification of High Speed Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic Capsule Filling Line

Manual Capsule Filling Machine with Auto Loader

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Line