Capsule Filling Line Machine

The capsule line is made up of a number of machines that are in charge of creating capsules for medicinal uses. It incorporates a capsule filling machine, a capsule conveying system, a capsule inspection and polishing machine, an empty capsule ejector, a damage capsule sorter, a capsule counting and filling machine, and a capsule printing machine, among other machinery. All of the equipment listed above is in charge of creating capsules with appropriate medicinal content. Capsules are widely used these days because most individuals prefer to take their medications in tablet form. As a result, it’s critical to make the capsules or pills with extreme precision, free of any aberrations or adulterants.

Equipments in the Capsule Line:

Capsule Conveying System

The capsule conveying system transports capsules from one station to the next. Tablets or capsules are brittle by nature and are prone to breakage due to their fragility. Adinath offers a capsule conveying system that can move up to 90000 capsules per hour. The machine is long-lasting and have a high-quality finish.

Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machine  is the main piece of equipment on the filling line that fills the capsules with their contents. Manual capsule filling machine, semi automatic capsule filling machine, automatic capsule filling machine, and high speed capsule filling machine are the three types of filling machines available. These machines are extremely exact and conduct the filling machine with great precision in order to keep the product’s integrity. They also ensure minimum waste, which is important because the powders are expensive to create.

Capsule Filling Line in Pharmaceuticals

Capsule Inspection & Polishing Machine

Capsule inspection machine inspects filled capsules for any irregularities in filling process. It filters out the low-quality capsules from the batch, resulting in a high-quality batch. The machine also checks to see if there are any empty capsules that haven’t been filled with powdered material in the filling machine.

Capsule polishing machine  utilizes a revolving brush to clean them from any powder or dust particles. Capsules are fed into the polishing chamber, which has a spinning spiral brush to remove powder particles adhered on the capsules’ exterior surface.

Capsule Polishing Machine Specification

Empty Capsule Ejector

Empty capsules are separated from the batch using an empty capsule ejector. It operates on the basis of airflow force. The filled capsules fall straight down after a strong wind is provided, while empty capsules are thrown outside.

Diametrically Rejected Capsule Sorter

Damage capsule sorter machine is exclusively designed to separate loose or diametrically faulty capsules. Such capsules compromise the batch’s integrity. The damage capsule sorter is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in conjunction with any other machine.

Capsule Counting & Filling Machine

Capsule counting and filling machine  uses for small-scale capsule counting. Counting machine having usage in Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, herbal, and ayurvedic businesses. The filler, hopper, and vacuum system are all incorporated within the machine, allowing for dust-free stock transport to the container. We have in our range Disc based capsule counting machine as well as digital capsule counting machine. Our latest launch is electronic tablet counting machine.

Capsule Counting and Filling Machine

Bottom Line

Adinath International is well-known in the pharmaceutical industry for offering high-quality machinery. The production facilities are equipped with all of the latest technology for producing machines that are both efficient and easy to use.

Our capsule filling line machine includes numerous line equipments that ensure that the entire process is exact and error-free.

Capsule Filling Machine Process

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Line

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Manual Capsule Filling Machine With Auto Loader

Semi-Automatic Capsule Counting and Filling Machine