All packing activities are carried out using packing machines, which is widely employed in a variety of sectors. Cleaning, filling, sealing, combining, labelling, overwrapping, palletizing, etc. are some of these operations. The numerous devices needed to carry out these tasks include the following:

  • Washing Machine: The washing machine segment encompasses a variety of equipment, including washing machines for bottles, vials, and ampoules. It is regarded as essential equipment in the pharmaceutical sector. In order to maintain the contents free of any pollutants, the vials, ampoules, and bottles must be kept clean and should be free from adulteration.
  • Airjet Cleaning Machine: The containers are cleaned using a sequence of jets using the Airjet cleaning device. A conveyor is used to load the bottles and transport them to the cleaning area. Once inside the chamber, it travels through a series of jets that gather all the debris from the bottle and deposit it in a dust collection bag. The Semi Airjet Cleaning Machine, Airjet Vacuum Cleaning Machine, and Linear Airjet Cleaning Machine are the three different types of Airjet clean machines.

Filling Machine: The food industry, medicines, cosmetics, and other industries all make extensive use of this filling equipment. The container is filled with the contents in powder form by the powder filling machine. The liquid filling machine is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry to fill bottles, vials, or ampoules with drugs. The cosmetic business uses tube filling machines frequently to fill plastic tubes with toothpaste, ointment, cream, lotion, and other solid products. In order to prevent interaction between the contents and the environment outside, these filling machines also make sure that the containers are correctly sealed after being filled.

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  • Capping Machine: The capping machine, also known as a cap sealing machine, is a device used primarily in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and oil & chemical sectors to cap containers effectively. There are various different kinds of capping devices, including screw capping devices, pick-and-place screw capping devices, ROPP capping devices, and vial cap sealing devices. When there is no container available, these machines have a No Container-No Cap configuration that ensures the unit remains inactive.
  • Inspection Machine: The inspection device conducts a high precision inspection on the glass bottles and flexible containers. Additionally, it looks for clear or somewhat transparent containers that are printed or unprinted. Some of the several types of inspection machines are roller inspection conveyors, inspection conveyors, and online inspection conveyor machines. In the food industry, these devices are used to ensure that containers are packed precisely while avoiding the presence of any impurities.
  • Labeling Machine: The labelling machine is used to apply labels to products so that information about the product, the company, etc. can be displayed. It is a crucial piece of equipment, particularly for the food and pharmaceutical industries where the product specification is crucial. Wet glue labelling machines and self-adhesive sticker labelling machines are two examples of the various types of labelling equipment. Automatic vial sticker labelling machines, ampoule sticker labelling machines, automatic horizontal self-adhesive labelling machines, automatic double-side sticker labelling machines, automatic vial sticker labelling machines, automatic flat/square bottle labelling machines, and self-adhesive bottle sticker labelling machines are all included in the category of self-adhesive sticker labelling machines.
  • Cartoning Machine: The cartoning machine creates foldable cartoons, fills them with goods while leaving the ends untied, and then tops them with flaps held together by the proper glue. It is used to package bulk containers in cartoon form so that they may be sent or transported safely and damage-free. Semi-automatic linear cartooning machines and automatic cartooning machines are a few examples of the various types of packaging equipment.


Many industries, including those in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors, require packaging machinery. It contains every piece of equipment necessary for carrying out tasks like washing, cleaning, filling, sealing, inspecting, labelling, and cartooning.

The Bottom Line:

There are many different types of packaging equipment, including washing machines, Airjet cleaners, filling and capping equipment, inspection equipment, labelling equipment, and cartooning equipment. These devices handle every step of the process, including washing, filling, and inspecting the bottles. In order to ensure safe transit, it is subsequently followed by labelling these containers and placing them in cartoons.

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