Machines for labelling bottles are widely used and vital equipment in the business. Numerous businesses desire to brand their goods, and in order to do so, they must include their logo and other information on the goods. The bottle labelling machine applied sticker labels to the bottle’s outside, displaying the appropriate product and business information. Premium labelling equipment of various sizes and shapes is available from Adinath Interntional. The equipment guarantees quicker output and is accurate while handling a large number of bottles. It has the capacity to either mark the rounded containers completely or partially.

A bottle labelling machine is used to apply stickers or labels around the bottle that display all the company and product-related information that is desired to be displayed. These devices can handle a huge number of bottles at once, resulting in a high output rate.

There are two types of bottle labelling equipment:

  1. Wet Glue Labeling Machine
  2. Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

Wet Glue Labeling Machine( Sticker Labeling Machines ):

One of the most user-friendly computers one would ever encounter, according to experts. Depending on the bottle and label size, the machine can handle up to 120 containers per minute for flat, square, round, or rectangular bottles. An empty or filled bottle is taken from the turntable of a wet glue labelling machine and transported to the conveyor that has a bottle separation attachment. To provide a separation between continuous movements, the bottle separator is offered.

Two more pressing tools are available to straighten the bottle and pick it up in its initial position. The machine has sensors and a servo motor built in to make sure that the entire labelling process is carried out with the utmost precision. The equipment also stops working once it has completed the essential task.

Bottle Labeling Machine

Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine ( Sticker Labeling Machines ):

These devices are used to partially or completely wrap a label around a circular bottle. Vial Sticker Labeling Machine, Rotary Labeling Machine, Automatic Horizontal Self Adhesive Labeling Machine, Automatic Double Side Sticker Labelling Machine Model, Vertical Labeling Machine – Automatic Vial Sticker Labeling Machine, & Self-Adhesive Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine are the six different types of self-adhesive sticker labelling machines.

The equipment incorporates a conveyor to make moving the bottles easier. In order to keep a space between two bottles when they enter the pressing mechanism, it also includes a bottle separation device. The servo motor is driven by sensors in the pressing mechanism, which applies a label to the bottles. The bottle is then transported by the conveyor to the area where the subsequent operations are performed.

At Adinath International, we guarantee that these machines will operate at high output rates for a very long time. The labelling device guarantees precise label placement and can handle a range of materials, including glass, plastic, PET, tin, and corrugated containers.

Vial Sticker Labeling Machine


Wet Glue Labeling Machines and Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines are the two different forms of bottle labelling equipment. They can handle a small number of bottles per minute and can handle containers made of glass, plastic, PET, tin, and corrugated materials.

The Bottom Line

Adinath International provides a range of different bottle labelling machines. Due to their automated nature and excellent efficiency, these machines are simple to use. Since the requirement for product branding and labelling is becoming a top priority for any firm or corporation, they are widely used in a variety of industries.

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