Sticker Labeling machines are top-notch devices made to handle all labelling requirements, including single- and double-sided as well as wrap-around labels. They also have excellent qualities of precision and accuracy. All sectors use labelers since labels serve as the primary source of information regarding a product’s contents, manufacturing process, expiration date, and list of features.

Labeling equipment has the following distinctive qualities and may accommodate a variety of ampoule bottle and vial needs:

Automatic Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machines

The automatic ampoule sticker labeler includes a built-in logic system that can save and retrieve production data, and it is renowned for its precision. Its servo motors can label ampoules at a rate of up to 300 per minute. Additionally, all vibration is eliminated, providing a highly stable operation. Conveyor belts, label dispensers, and pressing equipment can all work together in harmony to modify label dimensions to meet criteria.

This is a high-speed rotating machine with a special speed synchronisation system, effective label length detection systems, and an optional turntable system for feeding vials for an online transfer of ampoules from the capping machine to labelling and a subsequent online transfer to the conveyor system, which makes it easier for vials to operate continuously.

The Sticker Labeling machines operate without the use of any tools because to their special spring-loaded twin worm system and multi-axis dispenser, which enables them to dispense labels in any degree and for any form, such as oval, rectangular, or flat. Industries like pharmaceuticals, drinks, distilleries, and cosmetics use these labelling equipment. They incorporate the most recent and cutting-edge technology, which helps to minimise rejection rates. They operate with little downtime, are user-friendly, simple to maintain, and prevent occasional data setting and updates.

Automatic High Speed Ampoule/Vial Combo Sticker Labeling Machine

Tube Sticker Labeling Machines

To achieve flawless labelling on tubes, there are tube labelers that use the greatest technology and powerful equipment. A small inertia stepper motor and programme controller are included inside them to allow for any necessary human-machine connection. These devices must be precise, and their accuracy levels can be appropriate for diameters ranging from 19 mm to 60 mm. For rapid loading and unloading of tubes, an automatic feeding system and ejection system are available.

The functionality of the tube labelling device is an extra benefit. Because there is no tube and no label, there is no waste or unnecessary energy usage. By using a mechanical sensor, transparent film labels can also be applied. Any label can be applied to the tube from both the front and back.

Horizontal Ampoule Test Tube Labeling Machine

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

The wet glue labeller is a multifunctional piece of rotating equipment with fixed labels. It incorporates a gearbox for the best label adjustment during machine operation. By swivelling, it may be adjusted to fit various container diameters. The feed worm is used to place the feed and the sealed containers at the labelling point in a mechanism that powers the system. The glue rubber roller receives the glue from the glue pot. The glueing pad receives the thin layer of the glue.

The conveyor has circular containers that move down it, and the conveyor’s sequence causes the label box to oscillate. Using pick-up fingers, the label master applies the label. The containers are perfectly labelled as they advance via the pressing belt and stationary rubber pad.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Bottom Line

Any industrial process should include labelling since it facilitates product identification and information sharing. Modern equipment can aid in mass labelling to save money and effort. To various goods, product containers, and package labels, they dispense, print, and adhere labels.