bulk material

bulk material

The majority of the raw materials used in industries have some impurities or have erratic physical properties. We need a machine to remove these pollutants since they are in large quantities and we are unable to do it without it. The sort of equipment that is primarily utilised in industrial sectors where bulk material needs to be processed is the universal plan sifter. The sifter used for sizing, control, safety sifting, and dedusting is known as a universal plan sifter.

Sizing is the process of classifying bulk materials. Prior to conditioning the bulk material, control sifting is typically utilised for foodstuffs or medicinal items. Dedusting is a verb that means to de-dust anything. A straightforward fork lifter may be used to move the universal plan sifter.


  • The universal plan sifter is a piece of equipment that is very simple to use.
  • It has a long operational life and a minimal maintenance design.
  • Bulk material may be sorted out quite readily with the use of a universal plan sifter.
  • High performance ratio and simplicity of cleaning.
  • Maximum hygiene and extremely gentle product sifting.
  • Because it has bulk resources, industries have benefited greatly.
  • The universal plan sifter allows for extremely exact sorting.

 Why use Fuchs plansifter?

  • Fuchs is an expert in producing straightforward and effective machinery for handling large materials.
  • They generally deal with machinery that is used for mixing, sifting, and granulating.
  • Fuchs machines were straightforward, simple to use, and well-designed.
  • The primary industries served by Fuchs machinery were those in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and animal feed sectors.
  • Machines made by Fuchs are utilised all around the world.
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