The container of this type of Planetary Mixer is stationary and does not rotate. The container is secured to the mechanism’s base and may be raised into the mixing position or, in the opposite direction, lowered to remove the container. This mixer form’s accessibility to various additions that may be used for mixing is a huge advantage. A paddle, switch, and dough hook are common additions, although older additions are also available.

In order to best meet your manufacturing demands, planetary mixers emerge in both tabletop and full floor copies. The mixing bowl capacity, which is typically measured in quarts, is a constraint on machine size. Although floor replicas often come in 40, 60, or 80 quart sizes, tabletop reproductions typically start off in 20 or 30 quart sizes. Many of these machines also come with adjustable speed settings to accommodate various mixing requirements. For this mixer, there are several top vendors both online and offline.

Planetary Mixer


You may find at least one planetary mixer in almost every bakery or pastry store. The reason these mixers are used in this way is because they provide greater versatility. The paddle attachment is frequently used by pastry chefs and bakers for blending or creaming ingredients. This includes cake filling, scones, cookie dough and pie crust dough. To ventilate mixes like meringue, mop cake, whipped cream, and mousse, the whip addition is typically utilised. Finally, small bread bakers and pizza parlours have always employed the dough hanger attachment.


  • optimal homogenization of mixed materials, even for complex applications
  • Low-slung wear and little upkeep
  • minimal waste
  • On several axes, cooperating stars move back and forth.
  • With only one ascent of the mixing instruments, the material is completely recycled.


  • Planetary Blades, either one or two.
  • The bowl’s outline changes as the scraper blade fluctuates.
  • single base assembly to make installation easier.
  • Lift operated mechanically or hydraulically.
  • Unique planetary mechanisms made of steel that have been hardened and heat-preserved for durability.
  • Heating, cooling or hoover construction

The best of it may be yours without a hitch from the planetary mixer supplier.

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