A dry syrup filling lines is a useful device that is employed in a variety of sectors, including the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. The machine supports the operation of round glass and HDPE bottles, which are typically used for pharmaceutical purposes. The dry syrup filling line offers extremely high accuracy, which can vary from 2%. It is a very flexible machine since various bottle shapes and sizes may be accommodated simply switching out the pieces.

This machine, which performs numerous tasks, is an improved version of the dry syrup filling and capping machine. The container’s head is then covered with a cap after the machine has finished filling it with the appropriate amount of content. The integrity of the product is maintained by capping the containers to avoid contamination of their contents.

In a standard dry syrup filling machine, a container that has been dried and disinfected before to use is housed on a turntable. It is done to ensure that the ingredients are completely devoid of moisture. The ingredient is fed through the containers to the starwheel, which ultimately moves the container below the funnel. Additionally, a lifter device is available to move the bottles into a tight fit inside the tunnel. The component is kept completely pure by having all foreign materials removed by the funnel.

The powder is then stirred in the powder hopper to maintain uniform bulk density and consistency. The appropriate and accurate amount of the agitated powder is drawn into the powder port in accordance with the length of the piston as the powder wheel turns. This establishes how much powder needs to be filled. In cases when there is extra powder, the doctor blades remove it to prevent raw material waste.

Dry Syrup Powder Filling Line

Advantage of Dry Syrup Filling Lines

The dry syrup filling line is a unique device made to boost production speed and quality while remaining as cost-effective as feasible. The machine’s conveyor features a separate variable drive to regulate its speed and prevent electricity from being spread, preserving maximum efficiency. This machine is driven by an AC frequency drive, which ensures that power fluctuations won’t damage it. The machine’s inclusion of the no bottle, no fill mechanism is one of its attractions. It ensures that the machine won’t run when there is no bottle present. This function lowers the amount of expensive raw resources that are wasted.

Application of Dry Syrup Filling Line

The most popular dry syrup filling line is used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and other industries. Why it is preferred for pharmaceutical applications is because it ensures that the substances are totally decontaminated and devoid of adulterants. Even for applications in the food industry, the filling line ensures that the product density is constant. It also keeps the uniformity of the particles, which accounts for its widespread use in this sector.

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