The industrialist’s job is made extremely simple and quick by the usage of lifting and tilting for the drums.Granulation Process In a general sense, a lifter is a device that is used to lift weights, and a tilting device supports the machine when material is being transferred from a core to drums. Because they are composed of stainless steel, they are stable when transporting products.

A lifting device with a 350kg maximum lifting capability is called a robusto lifter. Drum lifters are made to order and constructed according on the specifications of the customer. It is frequently used to move items from one location to another in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many other sectors.

Advantages of Lifting and Tilting Drums

  • Strong lifters are helpful for moving dangerous equipment and tools in a safe manner.
  • A robusto lifter lifts and tilts drums without the need for maintenance and at a reasonable price.
  • We can effortlessly carry big goods from one location to another thanks to Robusto lifter.
  • Because of its adaptability and flexibility, the items are kept safe and delivered exactly as intended.
  • It boosts an employee’s productivity in the fields they work in.
  • Due to the ease of transferring the big items, the danger of injury is reduced.

Why to choose LKE for lifting and tilting drums

  • The most dependable firm for the production of lifting and tilting drums is LKE Group.
  • The original spare components are produced by LK E Group, who also ensures that your transportation solutions are implemented safely.
  • LKE Group manufactures a wide variety of transport solutions based on the needs of the customer.
  • One of the few suppliers of handling and logistical items in one place is LKE Group.
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