The External Ampoule Washing Machine PMAW-200 is a device that cleans objects with distilled water and air. The pipe design lowers power usage while minimising particle production. Up to 9000 ampoules can be washed every hour by the PMAW-200.

Features of Ampoule Washing Machine

The Ampoule is fed into the washing zone of the Ampoule washing machine via a moving system that inverts the Ampoule. Automatically, the washing cycle is restarted. Additionally, the pipe design reduces the possibility of particle production. It is dependable and adaptable because to its stainless steel design. Its multijet washing system has a 150 ampoule per minute capacity. Extreme cleaning is supported by the equipment while using less water. The entire procedure is intended to be handled by the rotary movement mechanism. This device is excellent for medications. Visit our website at if you’re interested in an ampoule washing machine.

Multijet Ampoule Washing Machine

Working of Ampoule Washing Machines

The External Ampoule Washing Machine is a fast device with a large selection of add-on components. It will offer superior sterility and operational repeatability and is secure and simple to maintain. From 1ml to 100ml, the machine can wash all types of ampoules. Ampoules of different sizes and shapes can be cleaned in these devices. The ampoules are washed in this machine using the dump loading method. The External Ampoule Washing Machine is a cutting-edge, very effective machine that consumes 0.5 HP of power.

The machine’s stop system operates on the “No Vial – No Air/Water” tenet, which states that when there is no vial or ampoule in the system, the machine won’t supply any air or water for cleaning, saving the production unit money and preventing needless waste. The device is appropriate for all varieties of ampoules and will aseptically clean the vials. Any hazardous microorganisms and other debris will be removed from the ampoules by the machine. After being inverted, the ampoules will be released into the feed system. The bottoms of the Vials are washed and dried to guarantee thorough cleaning.

High Speed Automatic Rotary Ampoule & Vial Washing Machine

The Bottom Line

Pharmaceutical businesses should strongly consider the ampoule washing machine. The device is perfect for cleaning and sterilising different capacities of ampoules. The ampoules are placed into a stainless steel chamber and extensively cleaned to remove any contamination during the washing process. A single cycle of the rotary ampoule washing machine uses six air and water washes to thoroughly clean ampoules of different shapes and sizes. Additionally, if there is no water or vial, the machine immediately stops working. This machine is extremely effective and ideal for medium-sized to large-scale companies. Its stainless steel body also ensures longevity.

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