• Automatic External Ampoule Washing Machine
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The automatic external ampoule washing machine is a high-end automatic machine which is uses to wash the external surface of cylindrical shaped containers such as ampoule once the filling and sealing process is complete. Machine uses water spray jets and air jets for complete cleaning of external surface. This ultra-modern machine is designed to make the entire process seamless and safe for you. As a leading automatic external ampoule washer manufacturer in India, we can provide customized solutions to address your specific needs. In general ampoule external washer uses for washing of cytotoxic.

Features of Ampoule External Washing Machine

  • cGMP compliant
  • Provision of 2 water and 2 air washes.
  • Acrylic cabinet for washing stations for clear view of process.
  • Easy to dismantle, clean and maintain system.
  • Easily connected to filling and sealing machine.
  • Control Panel based on PLC concept.
  • Top-end gear box
  • Equipped with A.C frequency drive.
  • Advanced display of parameters.

Working Principle of Ampoule Washing Machine

This advanced ampoule external washer automates the entire process with sheer ease and includes 4 key stages of cleaning. The stages include cleaning with a washing medium such as recycled water, air wash, Demineralized Water/Water for Injection and final air wash. Known for its flexibility the machine allows the user to change the sequence according to his or her specific needs. This machine is profusely uses in the pharmaceutical and injectable industries.

The machine comprises wire mesh conveyor on which ‘to be cleaned’ ampoules are properly fed. These ampoules are then transported from the in-feed worm for the washing process. Now the ampoules are washed using a water jet and dried using an air jet. A set of spray nozzles is fitted on conveyor for water jet. Besides, a set of knife blocks are provisioned on each conveyor for air-jet. These knives are used for the purpose of spraying air. Once the washing and drying process is over, the ampoules are forwarded to the outfeed collection tray. Ampoule external washer is also facilitated with a special arrangement to ensure proper drying of each ampoule from the bottom side.

Technical Specification of Ampoule External Washer

Input Specification 1ml to 20ml ampoules
Application Decontamination, external washing and drying
Operation mode Continuous motion
MOC Contact Part SS 316L or Food Grade Material. 

Non contact parts SS 304 or MS cladded with SS 304

Output Up to 50 ampoules/minute

(Either On-line or with Tray Collection System)

Required Line Pressure 1.5 kgs.
Dimensions As per Layout
Working height 900 mm  ± 50mm
Power Supply 0.75 H.P.
Electric Characteristics 440 volts, 3 phase, 50hertz, 4 Wire system with separate earthing
Compressed Air supply Filtered Air at 6. bar g. for instrumentation sterile filtered air (0.01um)

at 4 bar g.

(To be provided by Customer)

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.