As is common knowledge, labels serve as a means of product identification by providing information about the product’s name, brand, etc. Stickers come in a wide range of sizes and forms, including round, flat, oval, and rectangular ones. Depending on the kind of bottle, they may also take the form of shampoo, wine, water, medication, or pump bottles. Also, machines are needed to produce the different stickers. There are many different kinds of labelling machines available. We will talk about the many kinds of bottle labelling machines in this post and comprehend their advantages.

Why Labelling Machine?

Let’s look at why we need a bottle labeller machine before we analyse the many types of bottle sticker labelling machines. Bulk sticker and label preparation by hand takes a lot of time, requires a large staff, and costs excessive amounts of money. Advanced labelling machines are now being produced in order to keep costs under control and do the job quickly. These devices enhanced output while effectively and error-free doing the bulk labelling operation, saving time and money in the process. This device made it possible to do the job in the allotted time. And the shipping procedure went off without a hitch.

These machines, which include a wrapping unit, an electric panel, a product transmission system, a programmed logic control panel, and a label dispenser unit, are made with extreme accuracy and durability. We are able to do the task quickly and effectively thanks to its other cutting-edge characteristics.

Bottle Labeling Machine Main

The bottle labeler machine is capable of labelling 150 units at once. That is in accordance with the product’s diameter and the label’s size. The vertical-multi pack model has user-friendly features like a cutting-edge microprocessor control system for dispensing the labels. It is fully as well as semi-automatic. The labels were prepared using a variety of materials, including glass, PP, plastic, PET, HDPE, etc. Also, its sophisticated and preconfigured system aids in determining the label’s length.

The following list includes a variety of labelling machines:

  • Automatic sticker and labelling device
  • Equipment for semi-automatically labelling round bottles
  • Automated flat, oval, and square bottle labelling equipment
  • Machine that labels stickers semi-automatically
  • Equipment for semi-automatic surface bottle labelling
  • Equipment for semi-automatically marking flat bottles
  • Bottle labelling equipment
  • Equipment for semi-automatic juice bottle labelling
  • Automated flat two-sided bottle labelling device
  • Glass labelling machine with semi-automatic stickers
  • Machine for marking pet bottles
  • Machine for applying stickers on plastic bottles
  • Metal hand-operated round bottle labelling equipment


The bottle labeler is built with cutting-edge capabilities to satisfy all label printing requirements. These machines’ qualities boost production level while also fulfilling the existing need. It is regarded as one of the best machines for partial and complete wrap around systems, as well as overlap labelling. Depending on the form, size, and label size, it can print 150 labels at once. These machines are in high demand due to its user-friendly sensing system and microprocessor-controlled label dispensing mechanism.