Introduction :

Technologies used in granulation aid in the processing and flow characteristics of substances required by the pharmaceutical industry. These procedures, which are among the most crucial in the production line, have significantly improved thanks to sophisticated technology. The following list of cohesive machines and how they function.

Vibro Sifter

A Vibro Sifter is a piece of machinery used to filter ingredients in the production of pharmaceuticals and foods using various types of mesh. Sifting is used to get rid of lumps that may have developed from being stored for a long time. It splits the material into different sizes and is effective for removing undesirable foreign particles. Gyratory vibrations are the basis for how the Vibro Sifter operates. Based on the material’s particle size, the motor in the vibro sifter is activated, causing vibration in the screen or sieve. This allows the material to pass through the sieve in accordance with the size of its particles.

The Vibro Sifter Machines are made up of a base plate with a screen on it and a gyratory motor in the middle. Through a top input, the material to be sifted is inserted. Particles that are smaller than the mesh size pass through the screen when the same substance is deposited on it, while the larger particles are expelled out an outlet. There is a combination that guarantees that the desired separation of the material is accomplished by the placement of the top weights and the configuration of the bottom screen. Due to its rotating eccentric weight arrangement, the vibratory motor causes a three-plane vibration in the screen. To prevent the vibration from affecting the other components of the machinery, the entire mechanism is positioned on springs. Due to its rotating eccentric weight arrangement, the vibratory motor causes a three-plane vibration in the screen. Due to its rotating eccentric weight arrangement, the vibratory motor causes a three-plane vibration in the screen.

Vibro Sifter

Rapid Mixer Granulator

The rapid mixer granulator is a multi-processor device that can be used for pelletizing melts and effervescent products as well as high-speed dispersion of dry powders in aqueous or solvent media. The material rises, spins, and tumbles in a fast mixer granulator, causing the creation of granules. All ingredients are added to the RMG and mixed dry by rapidly rotating the chopper and impeller. The impeller and the chopper are running at low speed when the binding solution is poured to the powder. Once the wet mass has been created, a high-speed impeller and chopper are used to create the necessary size grains. The Rapid Mixer Granulator’s mixing time is determined by the number of ingredients and their particle sizes.

The quick mixer and granulator are made to produce consistent granules and mixing at a lower operating cost and higher productivity. The quick mixer granulator’s operation is based on two critical elements that are necessary for an intimate mixing system.

  • Near the bottom of the mixing basin, spinning

The impeller starts the mixture spinning, breaking up the moist substance into grains and minute fragments.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Vaccum Tray Dryer

The vacuum tray dryer is a piece of equipment that assists in drying under vacuum and maintains pressure without the risk of distortion. They are typically employed to dry hygroscopic and heat-sensitive materials. It operates on the idea of creating a vacuum in order to lower the chamber pressure till it is below the boiling point of water. The vacuum dryer’s trays hold the items to be dried, and a vacuum pump lowers the pressure inside the chamber. The product dries faster and the rate of evaporation increases due to the reduced pressure. Conduction heat transfer takes place when the dryer door is tightly closed and steam is transmitted through the gap between the trays and the jacket. When the drying pump is unplugged, vapours from the feed are delivered into the condenser, and the dried product is then taken from the trays.

Tray Dryer

The Bottom Line:

The Vibro Sifter, Rapid Mixer Granulator, and Vaccum Tray Dryer are examples of well-respected machinery with a wide range of uses. These processing tools aid in quick and effective processing and provide a range, scale, and sorting procedure.