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Vibro Sifter R&D Lab Model is a cGMP compliant machine that is uses for the separation of mass composition of solids from solids and liquid from solids. It is also uses for the gradation of materials depending on their particle size.

Our lab scale vibrating sieve machine is aptly suited for batch wise and continuous sieving of hard, middle, soft and also brittle materials.  If you are looking to achieve fast and reliable sieving results in a short span of time. The vibro sifter 12 inch also has a controller which can be leveraged for both process time and amplitude setting.

Our lab scale vibrating sieve machine is virtually maintenance free and offers precise results. The machine allows you to select interval function, amplitude and sieving time. The machine is ergonomically perfect and known for reproducible results. It doesn’t cause much noise and suitable for 20µm of up to 150 mesh sizes. Perfect for both wet and dry sieving, the machine is adjustable interval modes. Besides, they have non-metallic springs and anti-vibration feed to isolate vibrations off work surfaces.

For more information related to our vibro sifter 12 inch, feel free to get in touch with us.

Salient Features of Laboratory Vibro Sifter

  • Stainless steel GMP construction with S.S. 316 contact parts

  • Fitted with Vibro Motor

  • Provided lid for dust free operation.
  • Easy to clean and movable machine.

  • Provided sieve with silicon sealing.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost.

  • Long screen life.

  • Easy for assembly & de-assembly for cleaning & change over of screens.

  • Springs amplify the vibrations leading to reduced motor HP, maintenance & operational cost.

  • Available in 20″ dia, 30″ dia, 48″ dia., 60″ dia size sieve model.

Working Process of Small Sieving Machine

This vibrating energy screen is unit consisting of circular pre-tensioned screen mounted on the frame along with vibrating motor. The vibrating motor imparts three plane vibrations to the screen due to revolving eccentric weights. Total assembly is mounted on suitable springs so that it becomes a independent body which vibrates without parting any vibrations to the foundations.

Technical Specification of Small Vibrating Sieve

Model AVS-12 AVS-20
Output kgs./hour approx. 20 to 70 kgs. 20 to 140 kgs.
Screens MOC SS 316 / 304 SS 316 / 304
Screen Diameter approx. 335mm 520mm
Charging Height approx. 1080 mm 1200 mm
Discharging Height approx. 625 mm 750 mm
Electric Motor 0.25 H.P. 0.25 H.P.
Net Weight approx. 70 Kgs. 150 Kgs.
Machine Dimension approx. (LxWxH) 750x750x1080 1120x1120X1200

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.