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Buying new pharmaceutical equipment may seem intimidating at first, but if you keep certain pointers in mind, it may turn out to be quite a simple process. India has emerged as a preferred destination in the pharmaceutical landscape. This South-Asian country has taken the global pharmaceutical industry by storm with numerous pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers offering quality and modern machinery at competitive pricing.

So, the question remains the same- with so many options at your disposal, how to make the right choice? If you are looking for some quick and useful tips for a well-informed decision, this post is for you. Read on:

Best Pharmaceutical Machinery

1. Compliance and Standards Certifications

It is a no-brainer that any company manufacturing pharmaceutical products, machinery and medicines, mandatorily needs to have certain certifications. They have to comply with a number of industrial norms and standards. Make sure that the company you have shortlisted or you are purchasing the equipment from complies with the necessary standards inclusive of ISO, GMP, cGMP, ASTM, FDA and CE to name a few. They must be able to furnish the proof of these certifications on your demand.

The manufacturer must provide you detailed documentation for every machine in question. It must include testing procedures and standards.

2. Quality Control Process

Choose a pharmaceutical machinery production company with a streamlined and rigorous quality control process in place. They have contemporary quality check and control labs equipped with statistical process control tools. It makes tracking of necessary production metrics easy. From design to manufacturing process, every minute aspect is scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb.

3. Choose a Company that Invests in R&D

Choosing a company that invests in research and development is a good idea. That’s because they keep themselves updated with the latest developments and innovation in the domain. As a result they are able to produce world-class pharmaceutical machinery with the latest features. Besides, there is a huge need of customized pharmaceutical machines, because the production needs vary by a significant margin. Different production needs refer to filling different sized capsules, production capacity per hour and filling capacity of different types of contents.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness has always been a huge advantage of choosing an Indian pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer. There is no doubt that Indian pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers offer competitive pricing as compared to their European or American counterparts. This is one of the major reasons why they are preferred over other available options in the world.

5. Buy economical machines with lower operational costs

Buying pharmaceutical machines is not enough. You got to buy economical machines that facilitate economical manufacturing operations. Machines with auto-lubrication facility which require less human intervention must be your pick. Besides, they must consume less energy and water whilst keeping leakages under check.

Hiring a reputed pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer is absolutely essential as you will not only get quality machines, but also necessary technical support whenever needed. Adinath International recognize as one of the leading pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers in India.

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