• Pharmaceutical Syrup Production Line


Syrup production line is a comprehensive syrup production set-up which comprises production plant, washing, capping, capping, filling and labeling machines. it is also referred to as oral liquid filling line. As a leading manufacturer & supplier of syrup production line, we offer both automatic and semi-automatic production lines which are indispensable to the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from pharmaceutical we also design syrup production line for nutraceutical, herbal and Ayurveda industries.

Features of our oral liquid filling line-

  • Particularly designed with critical factors in mind.
  • Minimal human intervention needed.
  • Effective and large scale production capabilities.
  • Capacity range between 50 liters and 20,000 liters.
  • Made from SS 316 materials as per cGMP compliance.
  • Option of PLC HMI based control panel for automatic operations.

Below are the key units/machines of our syrup production line:

Pharma Syrup Plant

Pharma Syrup Manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry for the production of Oral Liquids. It is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affect the quality of the Liquids. Minimum manual handling of Liquid and effective cleanness during manufacturing.

Bottle Washing Machine

Ideal for round vials, this machine saves tremendous man-power due to its automatic loading arrangement facilities which allow you to load vials on to stainless steel wire mesh conveyor using feed conveyor. Vials can also be pushed manually using the feed table if needed. If you need automatic unloading mechanism too, we can make that arrangement for you as well.

Bottle Filling Machine

This machine is also known as bottle filler and fills glass, plastic, SS, PET, plastic, aluminum and glass containers, jars and bottles with aqueous solutions, foaming liquid and products based on semi-viscous solutions. The bottle filling unit comprises SS slat conveyor, piston pump, and filling needles apart from the base structure.

Bottle Capping Machine

Also called bottle capper, the machine boasts of a M.S frame structure and stainless steel finish. The machine with a SS cladding or enclosures is apt for pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, as well as liquor production industries. ROPP bottle cap sealing machine is best-suited for those looking for automatic online operation for low production needs.

Bottle Inspection Machine

This machine with a 3 track conveyor and hood with an efficient lighting arrangement is widely used in pharmaceutical, veterinary and biotech industry. It also consists of an alternate black and white color background for impeccable visual inspection. It complies with cGMP standards and inspection table with a SS structure and moving SS slat steel chain.

Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

We provide bottle labeling machine which is also called self-adhesive sticker labeling machine. It has a simple and efficient linear design mechanism to label jars, cans, bottles and tins. Equipped with a phenomenal sensing system and processor control labeling dispensing mechanism this machine can flawless identify labels and products. Transparent labeling at high speeds is also possible by using a unique label sensing system.