• Capsule Counting Packaging Line


Capsule Counting and Packaging Line is a highly useful and robust capsule counting system that is suitable for counting, filling, capping and labeling capsule bottles. It has various machines connected to each other and that makes a comprehensive system. By using average production speed packagers can fill up to 1000 capsules in bottles pretty quickly. Due to its efficiency the packaging line is widely uses by pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal and allied industries.

Our capsule counting line demonstrates advanced automation levels and improved packing and since there is less contact between capsules and human beings there is absolutely no risk of contamination. With a multi-channel feeding system, computerized control, automatic bottle transfer provision, and auto-stop mechanism the machine makes for your obvious pick as it enhances the performance by a significant margin and reduces the need of human intervention. By choosing our capsule bottle packaging line, you can rest assured about precision, accuracy and quality.

Capsule counting line offered by us is known for low noise levels and steady operation. Since, it comprises efficient conveying systems easy transportation of bottles during the entire process becomes a cake-walk. Troubleshooting this user-friendly capsule bottle packaging line is also pretty easy. The output capacity of the machine is quite impressive as it can fill between 2000 to 12000 capsules in just one hour with utmost safety standards. There is no risk of bottle breakage and due to all these benefits it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Capsule counting line is widely popular in the industry and having following machines:

Capsule Counting Machine

Tablets/Capsules are to be fed into charging hopper. The vibrator installed in the machine helps to convey the tablets/capsules out. Tablets/capsules are introduced further into stainless steel path discharging chute fitted with sensor. The sensor – an optical sensor device to sense the tablets/capsules passing to the path and in return gives an output signal to the counter. The PLC mounted on the machine attains to give desirable the number of tablets/capsules and gives an output signal to the machine to run Magnetic Coil. As the solenoid operates – it changes the path to be followed by the tablets/capsules are counted and filled into containers.

Bottle Capping Machine

Automatic Bottle Capping Machine is uses for the screw capping of bottles. Machine is suitable for round or other shape of glass, plastic, PET, LDPE, HDPE bottles with production speed of 20 to 60 bottles per minute depending on bottle diameter, bottle height, bottle shape and cap size. Machine constructed in stainless steel matt finish on M.S. frame structure with stainless steel cladding/enclosures. Capping machine can do round as well other shape bottles.

Induction Sealing Machine

Induction sealing machine uses for putting induction seal onto bottles. Machine does not requires any change over for any bottle or foil changes. Compact in size it can be attached to conveyor of bottle capping machine. Simple to operate machine is easy for maintenance activities.

Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Bottle Labeling Machine

Bottle labeling machines are designed to apply labels on bottles according to your production needs with great precision. Our bottle labeling machines are equipped with myriads of features to make the entire labeling process hassle-free for you. Whether you are looking for a front and back labeling machine or wrap around labeling machine, we have you covered with different models offered. Our automatic bottle sticker labeling machines are commonly uses in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and chemical industry. These machines offered by Adinath International are considered apt for labeling bottles, tins, jars and containers made of aluminum, glass, LDPE, PP, PET and HDPE.