A capsule filling machine is used to create the capsules for a variety of medicinal or cosmetic uses. Depending on the operation, a capsule filling machine can be one of three types: manual, semi-automated, or automatic. With manual, semi-automatic, and automatic operation, the rate at which the capsules are filled with powder varies. For bulk applications, the automatic operation, which has the largest production rate, should be used.

Different Types Of  Capsule Filling Machine

  • Manual Capsule Filling Machine:

The hand-operated capsule filler is ideal for small- to medium-sized manufacturing. This capsule filling machine is primarily used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, herbal, and nutritional supplement industries. It is a hand-operated device that can put powder or pellets inside hard gelatin capsules and then seal them. This capsule line machine can process 300 capsules every cycle, opening, filling, and closing them. The manual capsule filling machine has the benefit of being able to handle a large number of capsules. Therefore, for industrial applications, its adaptability gives it an advantage over other equipment. To reduce time and labour, a capsule loader is included with the manual capsule filling equipment. It contributes to higher output rates with better accuracy. The capsule loader is a great option for medium- and large-scale pharmaceutical applications since it automatically puts the empty capsule in the loading plate for manually controlled capsule filling machines.

  • Manual Semi Automatic and Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

  • Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine was created specifically for use in contemporary pharmaceutical procedures to meet the exacting standards of manufacture. In addition to having a higher level of automation, this machine provides a higher level of filling weight accuracy. The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is skilled at putting powder, grains, or pellets into capsules of all sizes. The capsules are initially loaded into the hopper of this machine. On a different hopper, however, the powders are loaded. This hopper, which is corkscrew-driven, ensures a steady fill through each capsule. A suction is built within the machine to help separate the capsules. The bottom section is freed by pulling the loading rings, and it is then inserted into the machine’s filling portion. The powdered substance is then uniformly pushed into the capsules by the corkscrew.

Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

  • Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:

An automatic capsule filling machine is a fast capsule filler that can fill 90000 capsules per hour with a variety of powder formulations. It is renowned for its exact hard gelatin capsule filling with powder, pellets, and granules over the full range. The device has a tamping pin technology that helps create slugs that are afterwards placed inside the hard gelatin capsule for increased accuracy. A programmable logic controller is included in automatic capsule filling equipment for machine control.

The automatic capsule counting and filling machine is another device that pharmaceutical businesses highly desire. Glass and plastic bottles work best with this machine. It is mostly employed on a small scale for the purpose of counting capsules in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, herbal, and ayurvedic industries.