A high-tech device for filling syrup into different bottles is the rotating dry syrup powder filling machine. An adjustable auger is used in the metering system to guarantee precise filling. The vacuum and air system, which has stood the test of time, offers excellent speed and accuracy. The consumers can select the required volume and have the bottles automatically cap and seal using the automatic capping and sealing technology. Additionally, it reduces waste and preserves expensive powder.

Working of Rotary Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine

Any number of funnels can be included in a rotary dry syrup powder filling machine, depending on the size and shape of your company. The containers are taken up by the infeed turntable, which then directs them to a flat conveyor belt. The bottles are subsequently delivered to the desired bottle filling stations via the lifter assembly. The dry syrup powder is then automatically dispensed into the containers and firmly sealed. The machine’s novel Bottle Lifting and Neck Holding technology keeps the container clean and minimises powder waste by preventing powder leaking on the bottle’s shoulder, neck, and body.

Double Head Dry Powder Filling Machine

Features of Rotary Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine

Filling plastic bottles with dry syrup powder is possible using the rotary filling machine. The machine will automatically shut off if the infeed conveyor is empty of bottles. The amount of powder to be filled determines the machine’s speed. Different bottle sizes can be handled by the rotary dry syrup powder weighing and dispensing heads. SS304 is used to make both the bottle holder and the rotor.

A high-speed machine for filling bottles with powdered syrup is the rotary dry syrup filling machine. It can handle a range of bottle sizes and weights from 5 grammes to 70 grammes. Its primary body, which is made of stainless steel, is built to resist the rigours of a high-volume production line.

A rotary funnel system and an automatic infeed and outfeed of bottles using a star wheel system are both components of a rotary bottle movement system. It contains a weighing arm that regulates the weight of the powder in the bottles automatically. The filling machine for dry syrup powder uses a mechanical agitator that combines wheels to mix the powder uniformly. To ensure a smooth filling operation, the mechanical agitator helps maintain the bulk density and uniformity of the liquid in the bottle.

Dry Syrup Filling Machine

In Conclusion to Rotary Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine

Up to 70 grammes of dry syrup can be filled by the machine in a single motion. The rotor’s size is movable and can be altered for maximum capacity. This device has a filter and operates at high speed. 60 to 120 bottles can be filled every minute, depending on the volume of powder being used. Depending on the customer’s needs for domestic power voltage, the speed can be adjusted. The rotor of the rotary dry syrup powder filling machine can be rotated, enabling vertical operation.