Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, nutraceutical, and other industries all rely heavily on Labeling Machines. They assist in applying labels to the container that display the product’s details and manufacturer. Additionally, it provides the parent company with a platform to promote itself via alluring stickers that can draw customers. The labelling machine is a highly effective piece of machinery that completes the task at a very quick rate, giving enterprises the flexibility to label however many containers they want. Wet glue labelling machines and self-adhesive labelling machines are the two most common types of labelling machines that are used in many sectors.

Wet Glue Labeling Machines

Plastic, glass, PET, tin, and corrugated containers are all proven to be extremely appropriate for use with wet glue labelling machines. It is capable of doing complete or partial labelling of containers with various shapes, such as flat, square, round, or rectangular. This labelling machine is incredibly user-friendly and has very simple controls. The left to right operating direction of the round bottle labelling machine employs the wet glue method. 200 bottles can be attended to per minute. The labelling machine’s operation is planned to guarantee a 3mm space between each label.

Bottle Labeling Machine

The turn table and conveyor are used to transport empty bottles as the wet glue labelling machine gets going. The containers are straightened using the bottle separator attachment on the conveyor before being lifted by the top holding pressing gear. The labels are then released and placed once the bottles have passed through sensors that activate the servo motor. Additionally, the machine has gap sensors to guarantee that there is always a minimum space between the two labels.

Self Adhesive Labeling Machines

For spherical containers, the self adhesive labelling machine proves to be quite useful. Round containers can have their labels completely or partially wrapped around them. The use of a servo motor enhances the accuracy of the label dispensing process overall. It features a high production rate and can hold up to 300 bottles at once. To ensure a straightforward and trouble-free operation, self adhesive labellers use a roller spacing device. The machine’s turntable moves the full, empty, or sealed bottles off the conveyor.

The labelling machine’s entire function is fairly straightforward, making it easy for workers to handle. The round containers are set on a conveyor that is present. The containers are released by the roller spacing device while still being spaced equally. The rubber pressing belt and stationary rubber pad of the self adhesive labeler are two of its most notable features. It guarantees an almost flawless and perfect label installation on the containers.

The Bottom Line

One of the top businesses when it comes to creating and supplying various packaging equipment is Adinath International. One such packaging device that finds extensive use across several sectors is the labelling machine. We provide two different kinds of labelling equipment that can apply labels precisely and quickly to a variety of container shapes.