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Product labeling is extremely important for multiple crucial reasons and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception either. We design and manufacture pharmaceutical sticker labeling machines that can label bottles and containers of various shapes and sizes with utmost accuracy and precision.

Labeling is important to keep your customers informed about the ingredients, for decorative purposes and to be complaint to a number of medical norms. In a nutshell, it makes communication easy with your customers while taking branding to the next level. By using our pharma bottle labeling machine you can label tons of bottles and containers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We produce different types of pharma sticker labeling machines including semi-automatic sticker labeling machine and automatic sticker labeling machine and you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget the best.

Our semi-automatic has advanced container sensing system, stepper motor drive and a fiber optic label. For your high production needs, you can choose our automatic pharma container labeling machine that can cater to your high production needs. Whether you need full or partial labeling, this machine gives you that much needed flexibility.

Types of Phama Labeling Machines

Working Principle of Pharma Labeling Machines

Our pharma bottle labeling machine follows a systematic and streamlined process to label filled and sealed bottles. The bottle or container is labeled by bottle labeler of a particular shape such as square, round, or oval when it is taken to the labeler by using a conveyor system. Alternatively, a mechanical fixture can also be provided that divides items at a particular pace keeping constant space between the items. Some of the major elements of our pharma container labeling machine are labeling wheel, drive wheel, & reel. 

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