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Industrial ETO Sterilizer is profusely used for the sterilization of pharmaceutical and medical products for the removal of all sorts of microbial lives including fungi, viruses, and bacteria to name a few. This form of sterilization is known for its deep penetration efficiency. There are a number of sterilization modes available in this system inclusive of heat, radiation, chemical, pressure and filtration. Adinath International is a leading industrial ETO sterilizer manufacturer in India offering EO gas sterilizers for the sterilization of medical devices, test labs, tissue banks, PPE kits and much more.

Our top-notch EO gas sterilization chambers are known for their performance and impeccable finish. They are known for their phenomenal durability as well. ETO or EO gas sterilizer is an established sterilization machine which clearly has an edge over other sterilization processes or machines. Owing to its low process temperature which is below 50ºC, the process makes EO an apt pick.

Due to the involvement of EO, there are a number of regulatory compliances to be adhered to, and as one of the most preferred 10m3 ETO sterilizer we manufacture the product in complete accordance to all guidelines and norms in place.

Working Principle of EO Gas Sterilizer

ETO gas sterilization involves three key stages of sterilization which are as under:

  1. Preconditioning stage

This stage involves creating a perfect humid and hot condition to force infectious agents to come out of hibernation.

  1. Conditioning or sterilization

Now they are exposed to the sterilizing agent on a particular RH percentage, temperature and pressure level.

  1. Aeration stage

Ethylene oxide sterilization system’s 3rd stage includes the use of a separate chamber for the aeration process. This involves the use of air for the removal of any ETO particles. The EO gas sterilization chamber is equipped with features and functionality to help monitor temperature and time at all times.

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  • Disposable Surgical Products
  • Para Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Spices
  • Food Industry

Chamber Size of Industrial ETO Sterilizer

20 Cubic Feet to 30 Cubic Meters models available as per requirements.