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Cath lab ethylene oxide sterilizer is one of the key machines commonly used in pharmaceutical, textile, healthcare and food industries among others. Adinath International is a leading cath lab hospital EO sterilizer manufacturer in India offering cath lab sterilizer equipped with plethora of features.

Cath lab ETO sterilizer is also known as hospital ETO sterilizer and is uses to sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products which cannot be sterilized using conventional high temperature steam sterilization methods. Such products include devices which are made of electronic components or plastic packaging containers. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of cath lab ETO sterilizer in India, Adinath International offers EO gas sterilizers of the following two types:

  • Fully Automatic EO sterilizer
  • Semi-Automatic EO sterilizer

Cath lab ETO sterilizer is an ultra-modern sterilizer that is vastly used in the sterilization of medical, surgical and pharmaceutical products. Ethylene oxide sterilization is an advanced method to sterilize medical devices and other heat sensitive devices. As a pioneering cath lab ethylene oxide supplier in India, we provide advanced hospital EO sterilizer that is not only safe to use but eco-friendly as well. A vast array of delicate devices which are otherwise impossible to sterilize by deploying conventional methods can be seamlessly sterilized using this ultra-modern sterilizer.

Features of ETO Sterilizer

  • Safe to operate as there is virtually no leakage and the entire cycle operates in vacuum.
  • The chamber contact parts made of SS 304.
  • Flawless electronic design for the highest level of accuracy, precise repeatability and dependability.
  • No chance of ethylene oxide build-up as the chamber is purged and aerated constantly until the door is opened.
  • Better than standard sterilizer as the actual volume in this machine can be more despite being compact in size.
  • A valve is provided to make cycle completion seamless and easy.
  • Ethylene oxide gas cartridges have a very well calculated EO quantity of 100% and hence you can achieve optimum sterility.
  • EO cartridges are portable.
  • No need of cylinder deposits
  • The entire sterilization process is safe as it takes place in vacuum (under negative pressure). Unlike conventional cylinder models there are virtually no chances of gas leakage.

No chance of high residual levels due to high exposure or non-sterility due to under exposure as there is a fixed gas concentration in EO cartridges in relation to the chamber.

Working Principle of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Let’s take a look at the working principle and several stages involved in the sterilization process. Since, there is no standardized process owing to a vast diversity in exposure periods and gas concentration, the process below is a typical one and must be taken into consideration for reference purposes only.

The machine uses single use EO cartridges of 40, 100 and 170 grams. The chamber is facilitated with a single door and a simple locking system. There is an electronically controlled heating system in place to ensure a uniform heating at 50 degrees centigrade. The machine is designed for optimum durability as it contains venturi of adequate capacity inside a robust cabinet. There are control buttons for heating, gas purging and power supply requirements.

  •   Product exposed to warm and humid environment

The product is exposed to a warm and humid environment for about 12 hours.  70 percent RH and 55 A Cº is maintained for a uniform temperature and humidity.

  • Introduction of ETO gas

Now the vacuum is pulled and ETO gas is introduced at this stage. The exposure is for about 4 to 8 hours at the same RH and temperature as before.

  • Removal of ETO gas

Vacuum is continually pulled for the removal of ETO gas and air is introduced into the sterilization chamber to clear out the entire ETO gas. This process lasts for about 8 to 12 hours.

Types of ETO Sterilizers

Our range of EO Gas Sterilization Chamber is having below mentioned two options:

  1. Semi Automatic EO Sterilizer: In this type of control mode there are analog type buttons onto control panel of the machine through which machine operation procedure will be done.
  2. Fully Automatic EO Sterilizer: This is PLC HMI based fully automatic control mode equipment in which there is HMI mounted onto control panel of the machine through which operation procedure done.

Technical Specification of Cath Lab ETO Sterilizer

Model AETOS – 2.6 AETOS – 4.5 AETOS – 8
Working Capacity in Cu. Ft. 2.6 4.5 8
Working Volume 70 Liters 125 Liters 200 Liters
Chamber Size 12” (W) x 12” (H) x 32”


12” (W) x 12” (H) x 54” (D) OR

15” (W) x 15” (H) x 36” (D)

20” (W) x 18” (H) x 38” (D) OR

16” (W) x 16” (H) x 54” (D)

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.