• Bottle Filling and Capping Line


Bottle filling and capping line is a critical component and the backbone of the manufacturing process of the many industries. We are a pioneering bottle filling and capping line manufacturer and exporter in India with a significant presence in the international market. Our completely automatic bottle filling and capping line is equipped with various machines to perform filling, washing, capping, inspection and labeling. Also referred to as automatic bottle packaging line, the machine is apt for performing filling and capping operations for syrups and oral suspensions. They are widely used in a number of industries including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical and agriculture.

Our bottle filling and capping line comprises:

Bottle Washing Machine

Bottle washing machine boasts of an automatic loading arrangement and is commonly used in pharmaceutical industry. Also known as linear bottle washer, it is ideal for round vials. Vials can be loaded on the stainless steel conveyor by using feed conveyor. Alternatively, vials can be manually loaded via feed table as well. Vials get fed into the pockets automatically saves you plenty of man-power. Automatic unloading mechanism is optional.

Bottle Filling Machine

Our bottle filling machine is ideal for filling foaming liquid, aqueous solution, and semi-viscous solutions. Be it bottles, jars or containers made of steel, plastic, glass ,aluminum, PET, copper or other metals, this machine can manage the packaging in a seamless manner. It comprises a SS conveyor belt, base structure, piston pump and filling needles.

Bottle Capping Machine

Also known as bottle capper, our bottle capping machine is used in variegated industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and liquor production industries. Our ROPP bottle capping machine is furnished with orientation type feeder for uninterrupted cap feeding.

Bottle Inspection Machine

Built with stainless steel structure, our bottle inspection machine is utilized for the inspection of bottles and vials used in biotech, pharmaceutical, and veterinary industries. This cGMP compliant machine is equipped with a three track conveyor and hood with proper lighting facilities apart from a black and white visual inspection background. The inspection table also comprises a kinetic SS slat chain. The robust structure of this machine has got SS square pipes and supporting adjustable bolts.

Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine is also referred to as self-adhesive sticker labeling machine and boasts of a simple linear mechanism to flawlessly label cans, tins, jars and containers of varied sizes and metals. Equipped with an ultra-modern micro processor control label dispensing mechanism the machine can invariably sense the products and labels. Particularly designed electronic and mechanical system to stick transparent labels on the bottles is also in place.