A strong piece of machinery used to combine a single mass is the mass mixer. Two discharge tubes—one inside and one outside—and a rigidly constructed construction are other elements of this machine. While the outer discharge tube is attached to the outside of the mixing container, the interior discharge tube is filled with minute particles.

About Mass Mixer 

The mass mixer, which only has one speed, is made to efficiently combine both dry and moist components. In order to accomplish thorough mixing, the drum is slanted. It is simple to clean and maintain thanks to the tilting device. A safety switch protects the motor-driven Mass Mixer from unintentional activation. The safety switch will turn off the machine when the cover is opened, preventing any potential harm. The Mass Mixer operates with remarkable efficiency. Depending on the material’s bulk density, its design can be altered. The Mass Mixers come in a variety of models. Some of them have multiple discharge ports, making them perfect for blending materials of various densities.

Features of Mass Mixer

The Mass Mixer can be set up to mix powdered chemical and ayurvedic substances, depending on its capacity. The mixer only has one speed, and various models can accommodate material weights ranging from 25 kg to 300 kg. A clear acrylic dust cover on the rotor lets you observe the mixing procedure. The tilting mechanism makes it simple to load and unload the processed material. There is a mechanism of interlocking on the plastic dust cover.

This mixer looks sleek and is simple to operate. It has a stirring blade configuration and a frame made of stainless steel. No black particles are allowed to enter the mixing drum thanks to its innovative self-adjusting sealing system. Material can be loaded and unloaded quickly thanks to a tilting mechanism. After the mixer has done mixing, a tilting mechanism is installed to make emptying the contents simple.

Mass Mixer Machine

Application of Mass Mixer

The Mass Mixer is a flexible piece of equipment that can be used to combine both dry and liquid ingredients. Due to its precision engineering, it can be used in many different applications. With its dual-speed function, sticky ingredients can be blended and ground. The majority of applications are appropriate for a single-speed variant. It is intended to combine dry and wet materials.

Bottom Line

You can modify the Mass Mixer to suit your own requirements. Tablet granulation is perfectly suited to its single-shaft assembly. A safety switch is present to prevent overheating. It takes up less room and may be utilised anywhere. It can be used in any application because of its versatility. If you have specific needs, we can adapt the mass mixer to meet them. The batch only has to be put into the mixing chamber.