A compact tabletop device known as the Mini Fluid Bed Dryer provides a wide range of functions for the manufacturing of fine powders, dry materials, and other items. A high-pressure hot air stream is introduced at the base of the product container, and an internal fan controls the airflow. This fully agitates the solid particles and generates the perfect drying conditions. By using a blower to induce a draught, the material can lose moisture and acquire a more uniform texture.

Features of Mini Fluid Bed Dryer

The Mini Fluid Bed Dryer can handle batches weighing between 1 and 500 kg and has a depth of three inches. The speed of material conveyance affects a fluid bed dryer’s capacity. It may be used for a range of materials because to its design, which includes a shock-proof mechanism and removable bowls.

A flexible and reasonably priced tool for drying pharmaceutical powders and granules is the Mini Fluid Bed Dryer. The smallest model is portable and perfect for use in a pilot scale or laboratory setting. Granules and powders can be dried quickly using the Mini Fluid Bead Dryer.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Application of Mini Fluid Bed Dryer

Granules and granular materials are ideal for the Mini Fluid Bed Dryer. It is quite effective and outperforms other drying techniques in many ways. The dried product can be discharged easily because to its modular design, and the negative pressure system provides for exact temperature control. A conventional form of the Mini Fluid Bead Dryer is additionally offered. It is appropriate for a range of applications, including coating and granulation, thanks to its sophisticated control system and negative pressure system.

An effective method for drying wet, sticky, and gritty materials is the fluid bed dryer. It is built of a steel bed that circulates heated air upward, causing the material to gradually lose moisture over time. It is the ideal solution for quality control, RD, and sample preparation departments. A fantastic method for reducing bulk materials without overheating is the Mini Fluid-Bed Dryer.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Bottom Line

For many different industrial applications, the Mini Fluid Bed Dryer is the perfect answer. In the pharmaceutical, dairy, chemical, food, and other related industries, fluidized bed processors are frequently used for drying, granulating, coating, drying of powders, mixing of powders, agglomeration, and palletizing. Its distinctive form enables it to support a range of material sizes and types. It is an effective option for dry materials because to its quick operation and carefully constructed construction. Additionally, it is appropriate for process applications including R&D, RD, and synthesis. It achieves consistent outcomes thanks to the extensive and adaptable features it has.