The Multi Mill Machine is a standalone device that can pulverise, granulate, combine, chop, and shred among other things. A Multi Mill’s beaters can have knife or scraper blades. The model and quantity of perforated screens affect the Multi Mill’s output size. You can choose a model that suits your needs based on the desired output size.

Working Principle of a Multi Mill

For grinding a variety of materials that can be ground, there is the Adinath International Portable Multi Mill. It can be used for wet or dry granulation. The machine maintains size reduction using a carefully selected screen and operates on the principle of rotating swing hammer blades with a changing force that have both knife and impact edges. The mill also has an AC frequency drive with various speeds. The Drive Unit is constructed from S.S.304Q and is cGMP compliant.

Multi Mill Machine

Features and Benefits of a Portable Multi Mill

The Multi Mill is a flexible and extremely effective screening tool. The unique granulator’s greater opening area than those of most comparable devices enables better throughput while yet leaving the ungranulated material behind for reuse or additional processing. Additionally, you can choose from a number of screens for all kinds of materials thanks to this machine. Multiple speeds and simple material handling are made possible by its integrated variable frequency drive.

A portable, self-contained equipment called the Multi Mill is available for high-speed granulating, mixing, pulverising, and blending. This machine is simple to maintain and clean because to its tangential movement and stainless steel 304 contact parts. It is offered in a wide range of sizes to meet distinct needs in numerous industrial applications.

The Bottom Line

The Adinath International Multi Mill is made for cutting, chopping, and wet or dry granulating processes. To fulfil your processing needs, we also provide a variety of models. You can select a mill based on the size of your laboratory and your particular purpose. The Multi Mill can be used to mill or pulverise food, chemical, or pharmaceutical goods.